We Need To Be Able Tell The Difference Between Friendly/Enemy Skills

It never used to bother me, but now I feel there needs to be some way to tell the difference between enemy and friendly skills. I can either get a big heal or stunned for 4 seconds with Alani’s Geyser. I either want to be in Marquis’s Time Bubble for movement speed increase or want to stay away from it; I can go on all day.

I think the easiest solution would be to make enemy skills have the tint of the enemy color scheme. You can change the color scheme of the game in the settings, but whatever the enemy team’s health bar is coming up as the skills would have that color associated with them and vice versa.

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My issue with this is that there is a spiky enemy or smooth friend outline on some skills but not all. As said, a prime example is alani. Neither riptide or geyser have this, and her giving possible benefits with these makes matches confusing.

The different friend/foe skill markings are only on the ground so it does make it hard to notice if you’re feet aren’t in view. I understand where you’re coming from. It may be something they could look into for a later patch :slight_smile:

I would be up for having the game ‘tint’ skills with team colours to make it easier to differentiate when both teams have the same character. But it wouldn’t be a huge priority for me, I think we’re just expected to communicate.

I think they expected too much. I’m literally the only one using a mic making callouts. Solo queue pvp. Sometimes people listen and its cool, wish it would happen more but it’s whatever. I’m literally wondering if sometimes I’m going crazy and talking to myself…

Focus the healer people!!

For average players yeah. There are plenty of people with mics who simply don’t like using them for any number of reasons, and that’s on top of people without mics.

But since I got Discord I’ve been using mine nonstop. It’s literally the best thing. Having a communicating team, even if you’ve never played with them before makes the game 10x easier - you can communicate flaws, strengths, deaths, enemy movement/spawns…

And it’s a MUST on ps4 since you can’t type at all. On pc with randos i can type if i don’t feel like talking, but the ps4 equivalent doesn’t exist and makes mics necessary. :[

Yea I’m on ps4

I’m not exactly familiar with discord I just use the ps4s party and in game voice chat

I’ve got a couple people so far and even having 1 other person to coordinate with helps a ton but there not always on and stuff

Having a mic is great. I get to vent my frustration when my teammates ignore my cries for help and leave me to die. Or vent my frustration as I derp out and catch my character on every little obstacle on the map whether it be teammates, minions or geometry. Or vent my frustration as I give orders to my teammates only for them to be ignored. Nothing like calling out for the team to focus on a problematic enemy that is about to cause serious trouble for the team and they ignore it and then the sentry goes down. Or vent my frustration as [insert reason here]. Yep, having a mic is great. For me anyway. The team? Maybe not so much.

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+1 to all
Every single bit of it ha

Which platform do you play on?

Are we really expected to call out every skill we use? I usually just assume it’s an enemies for the sake of safety, but would be nice if I didn’t have to.

I play on PC and PS4.

I play every night from 10-11p til about 2a

I’ve been playing the crap out of Thorn, got her lore legendary, I’m CR100 and she’s rank 15 so I only get a few credits when I play her but I just can’t stop trying to perfect that bow


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