We need to be able to taunt again!

So pretty simple, but we need to be able to taunt again if we have chosen our character!!!

I’ll give you several reasons why this is important:

-It will boost the morale of your team!!!
-If 4 people are taunting, but 1 isn’t… You know who is your bro, and who isn’t.
-Sometimes you need to let someone know somthing before the match starts! If you can’t speak, you need body language!!!
-Benedict really, REALLY likes taunting!
-You will gain a coolness bonus up to 50% depedning of your taunt! (Or a 50% stupidness bonus if you are Oscar Mike!)

I guess you guys get the importance of taunting in the character select screen now. So I think it’s very important that the Gearbox guys take a good look at the taunting system and improve it!

GOOD NEW BRO! I was playing with my bros yesterday(A bucket of bros, you could call us) and I decided to press that ‘Ultimate’ button you guys were talking about! I had no idea what you guys meant, so I pressed all the buttons! Hell yeah! You guys should have just told me to call in an AIRSTRIIIIIIIIIIKE, HAH! SO I started doing my thing, and all my bros told me they could see it! And then they got jealous! And they admired me! And it made me feel really SPECIAL you know… My bros thought I was really cool, and that was just such a good feeling… You know! A REALLY MANLY FEELING THOUGH! Yeeeeeeeah!
So, thank you BROS!


I believe you can still taunt by pressing triangle (on ps4) or the equivalent ultimate button.


Look, I know that, if I hover over a taunt and click it, I see my character taunt. I also know that my team does not see me taunt. I don’t think I have pressed the [y] button yet though(I’m on Xbone)

I’ll have to test that out…

You forgot about the dance parties we’re missing out on when Rath plays the violin on his swords while everyone else (Pendles, Orendi, Caldarius, Kelvin, Mellka, Shayne, to name a few off the top of my head) dances to it.


Omg I even got that violin taunt yesterday, and now I can’t even show it off! At least, not quick enough.

I must try this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you can taunt and spin your character, the tips are just not there.

Spinning def isn’t seen by others though. What about taunting?
I NEED A CONFIRMATION BRO! I have to know if I can do my sick taunts, and others can see me being AWESOME!!!

Triangle is taunt on PS4, Y on XBone, and button for ultimates on PC. @deemsss123

…You sure? I’ve spun Phoebe for that music box look and players laughed.

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Then spinning is new.

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Just ask yourself if you’ve ever seen anyone else spinning before and you’ve answered the question. The majority of players are probably idly spinning the entire time, and I certainly have never seen anyone else spin.


Just checked, other players could not see the spin.
Sure seemed it was working before, no idea.


I really wish people could see me spin 'n taunt.

You…can. Why do you think you can’t? Wait are you talking character select screen?


I hope that it IS really “triangle” now, because people NEED to see Toby do his puppy dog eyes in the character select screen; it strikes fear into them!

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Maybe… Maybe not…

Sorry missed that part.

Either way, yes you can. You can hear it now too! Hype!

I believe it is, my friend pointed it out to me at his place the other day.