We Need to talk about Gamma Burst - Overhyped and Undertuned

Admittedly didn’t read all; read hurt brain.
Yet I’ll agree with the title. I want to like Gamma Burst, but it’s inferior to the other AS by far. The fact the blue tree is absolute ass doesn’t help the AS either. Since going down the tree to get the “good stuff” results in so much wasted points. Oh, and that capstone…

Anyways, sorry if I repeated anything. Gamma Burst bad. My primitive brain can tell that much.

What if they changed the maths behind Atomic Aroma? I’m thinking make it work like the Elementalist COM’s DoT bonus. Instead of 653/sec, something like 10% of the damage of the weapon in FL4K’s hands.

Might be a lot of work, but it would have to be an improvement.

@Rabid_Explosions anything past Frenzy/He Bites is wasteful IMO. What is FL4K’s blue tree the Master of?


They can rework the blue Capstone Dominance to “After using Attack Command, your pet taunts enemies in a huge radius for x seconds”


Bro you’re not kidding. You took all the words out my brain I wanted to address on Gammaburst.

Since day 1 I’ve mained FL4K and since before the game launched I fell in love with the Gammaburst skill and was amazed by the wonder and utility of it. I used that skill since day 1 and never played Rakk or FA.

Up until the phase 2 patch I’m now playing Rakk because of how strong the skill is. I’ve changed back to Gamma during the phase 2 patch and immediately noticed how very weak it is compared to the other two skills FL4K has and somehow it feels weaker than it was before.

You were also right about Red Fang being the only COM to play that makes GB playable. I only stuck with playing red fang because of you not being bombarded by enemy fire being downed in a couple of shots when the pet taunt can do that. In Mayhem 1.0, Mayhem 4, GB felt very good and strong if you had the right gear and weapons though now it doesn’t even feel the same.

I always suggested that since they add new COMs with DLC they should add another GB class mod that transformed the pet into a badass variant with increased pet damage, attack speed and also buffs FL4Ks damage by 30% but I know that would be too much to do but I’m fine with them just fixing the master tree and buffing some things.

It’s crazy how underwhelming it is right now but I’m holding out hope GB will be great again but great post nonetheless man! I always love your FL4K posts! Hoping for the best!

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Lol at anyone thinking major design changes are coming this late in the lifecycle. L. O. L.

So I agree with everything here but lol I need the OP to create of these types post for the worst capstone in the game… DOMINANCE it’s been ■■■■ literally since the beginning of the game lol smh you could even tie in amaras allure skill into it to and that’s waaay better and just an augment and still is trash…

Dafuq? I swear.

Drone has gotten me out of FFYL so many times that I cringe every time this conversation comes up. I can safely rely on Drone to be an asset, and have since the start, minus that period between Mayhem updates.

Youch, really!? That’s about 300k less than what my unbuffed auto bear does with sabot rounds on matching targets. :grimacing:

Gama burst FLAK is the only thing that looks interesting to me if i were able to break free from Moze. Thought this would’ve been the perfect time to check it out now that more things scale in mayhem.

But 600k definitely does not sound promising for a pet focused mh10 build.

I guess i could say i know the feels. And i hope it doesn’t take forever for some improvements.

Sam, Moze don’t have drones. :thinking:

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My co-op character is Zane because I play a freeze role for my friend :joy:

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While the cartel event was going on i switched to gamma for the first time since m4 was a thing, it was my strongest build mobbing one shot bosses pretty much what you want for general god tier playing. However, i only used a red fang, yellowcake, opq, hunter seeker and big boom blaster. I never needed ammo, i really only went down if i blew myself up, and it was boring. I mean i was only farming for those items i mentioned, beyond that everything was weak to the point of uselessness, even the pet was only used to group up mobs and blow them to hell. Then the patch that fixed mh2.0 that whole build was out the window but my old gunboy build variant worked better than ever. Gamma though, i die, its weak, no guns really synergize with it that wont work without gamma, there is no real benefit to it. It makes me sad, there was a brief time there where i had gamma working as well as it did when i was first leveling and somehow improving everything else in the game ruined it. So im back to 2 workable builds and neither is gamma. The changes discussed would be an improvement, but i still dont think it would even bring it to the same level of either if the other two action skills. Rakks got dps on demand, fade has both survivability and burst damage. What could gamma offer to contest with that? I was really hoping that at this point in the games life cycle we would have not a tank but a walking nuclear weapon. What we have is flak buffs plus the most minor of distractions if we have red fang.

Drone does fine outside of takedowns. I’m not even asking for drone buffs, I just wish augments/utility was better. Almighty ordnance is antisynergy with what zane does and exists.

You are better off doing a red fang swap out for takedowns and shaft. That way you get the extra damage and maintain the aggro of the pet.

I’ve played all builds Fl4K builds, but the main reason I chose FL4K was for GB.

Great points overall mate. Good to see someone appreciate the TPS Handsome Jack’s doppelganger build. That was amazing and incredibly strong/fun to play. I had hoped FL4K GB would be similar to TPS Handsome Jack.


Yeah, I was really excited about Gamma at launch because I thought it would be PTR for FL4K’s pets. Shame it hasn’t turned out to be anything of the sort yet.


Spot on and i was one of those people who tried gamma a while back without red fang thought it was useless moved to fadeaway and cant look back. also something nobody else mentions so it might just be me that thinks so but Gamma Burst is also by far the most boring playstyle. pet taunts you just sit there and shoot and dont need to think, position etc even if it becomes the best objectively i dont think ill ever wanna play it cause of how dull it is.

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Part of the problem is that for a “Beastmaster”, there is not much control over pet behavior.

  • Choose between 3 different pets and 2 different variants
  • Attack Command
  • Not My Circus/Red Fang
  • Lick The Wounds
  • Gamma Burst

If you want to be generous you can add the Rakk Attack AS to this list but that is about all the control amounts to. However with poor scaling and poor AI, pets are basically walking pet bonuses.

The damage Scorcher does with its pool attack is what pets should be doing when using Attack Commands. Pets should also be doing at least 50% of this damage with normal attacks when investing fully in the Master tree.

I do not like to compare VH’s too much but Zane has more responsive control on the SNTNL, and 3 different ways of affecting the SNTNL behavior (Innate targeting with AS, Drone Delivery, and Almighty Ordinance).

Sic’Em + Eager to Impress could be such a great alternative to Head Count if pets were fixed properly. If we are lucky, maybe be we will receive some of these improvements without the need of an unofficial patch.


Attack commands should do as much as lava pool and every pet needs a move they do themseleves without prompt that is as strong as lavapool. Also action skill damage needs to be entered into the equation some where


Also I prefer pets do elemental damage because I like the idea of pets having a function other than passive. If both jabbers hypothetically did the same exact damage, what is the driving factor of my choice? Passives? Thats stupid imo. If one jabber has an electrical attack, and the other jabber cryo. Now I have a choice.

We have 6 pets and 6 elements. This is not a hard connection to make imo. It wouldn’t solve their damage issues but I’d give me variety outside of passives and pet design

But they don’t though. Their damage is massively different.

I can understand this argument for the skags and ants, to a degree, but there is plenty of variety depending on whether you want a pet for buffing purposes (which lends itself a bit more towards Gamma builds and tier 2 pets) or for damage (tier 3 pets pretty much can’t do Gamma).

Gamma Burst provides radiation damage, and we already have fire and corrosion. While I wouldn’t mind a cryo pet, shock seems incredibly redundant with radiation and Kinetic being a neutral element provides the most consistent DPS. Countess being corrosive locked is the bane of her existence since it cuts her damage in half against nearly every enemy.


-I know there damage is different… but in a well made balanced game unlike borderlands they would do the same damage. So in the hypothetical world where borderlands Is balanced, and both jabbers do the same damage AS THEY SHOULD. What is influencing my choice between the two? Nothing except passives? I don’t like that at all. For example if countess did good damage I would have no problem taking her into maliwan takedown. Her element is the not the problem. I would have the choice of pet doing fire or a pet doing corrosion. Thats variety. Not two jabbers whose only difference is the gun they shoot(in a balanced game)

-Fire doesn’t seems to keep fire spiderant from melting enemies… if the countess is having issues its because her damage is trash not her element.