We need vertical split screen

Hello from France,

My girlfirend and I are playing Borderland games since a few years and we love it. We only play the couch split screen mode on Xbox One. We were very disappointed to discover that BL3 didn’t offer the possibility to play the vertical split screen - which is the only playable way to do couch split screen play - contrary to BL1 and BL2. Why is that ? Will you fix this ? I think we won’t play the game until a patch solves this problem because it realy hurts our eyes for now…


I’ve seen in a gameplay video people playing split screen in vertical co-op so it is possible.

Hi ! Do you know how to dot it ? I can’t find the option in the menu…

Everything I’ve read says the only option currently is horizontal split with top and bottom views. There are a ton of threads and articles out there complaining that they omitted the option and a lot of us are hoping it’ll be patched in soon.


Hope they will patch it too… It would be a disaster if they don’t !


Completely agree!

I hope they patch it sooner rather than later.


Any news on this front? Still haven’t played the game because of the coop issues…


I don’t think they will actively address it. There isnt much official on this issue. I have seen articles saying they wont be putting it in but i cant find the statement.


100% agree on this! Gearbox, your customers are calling on you to make this the co-op a vertical split screen so it can be the game it was meant to be.


They will ignore us. We aren’t the target demographic for this game. It is practically unplayable with horizontal splitscreen. We can’t see items, menu’s, everything is so damned tiny, & hell even the enemies we are fighting are hard to see in a mob situation. We just shoot & hope for the fracking best! We might finish the game each on solo but for now, we are likely heading back to BL or BL2 for co-op play.


bumping issue and adding this https://www.change.org/p/borderlands-3-vertical-split-screen


Gearbox has been corrupted by release schedules and financial projections, time for some new Studios to come up with something new.

Gearbox is turning into EA, releasing formulaic games on a schedule and not if they actually feel they’re great/finished.

Shame on you guys for selling an Early Access Beta as a full 60-100$ product, shame on you for not being honest about it’s state as Early Access titles at least do by labeling it that way.

Shame on me for buying it assuming it was as polished as TPS or BL2, shame on anyone that preorders an upcoming 2K/GB title and expects it to be finished.
Shame on anyone acting as if it hasn’t been unfinished from the start.

Tell your friends, 2K and GB are becoming as bad as EA, Activision, Blizzard and Bethesda.

It’s time for actual talent to run away from the commercial behinds that run their show.

Sad to see this end of an ERA and the death of a great studio (that hasn’t had anything interesting aside from BL from the start) jump the ship now if you have any talent and are tired of seeing your company go down the drain.

GBX has its issues but the rushed release and lack of polish with it I wouldn’t put one GBX (atleast not entirely). My guess is that 2k is the one responsible for the EA like behavior. Though release rushing is not a new thing in the game industry, media freakout behind what happens during crunch. Then the consumer base being more ok with patch fixes and dripped in content rather than getting a full product out of box.

As far as Vertical split. They have said that UI fixes will be part of the DLC2 patch so Id assume vert or at least the tiny UI font on split will be what they have planned.