We should add more customizable options to private matches

@Jythri @JoeKGBX
I feel that we should add more customization options to private matches.
These are the following ideas I had for said customizations:

Be able to choose your bots, so you can practice against a hero you struggle against.

Cool down modifiers, so you can either have super spammy abilities or abilities that you only get to use every 60 seconds.

Health and damage modifiers, so you can make a super beefy Montana or a Montana with double damage, damage modifiers should be separate for attacks and skills.

Time modifiers, so you don’t have a time limit or you can have a short brief time limit

Last but certainly not least, Starting level, so whenever you start the match you can choose what helix level you want everyone to start at. Which would allow people to practice with which helixes synergize well together, and it would be fun to start your heroes late game.


Don’t forget: Enable Lore Progress.

You can either play PvP and try to win. OR try to get your character through.

I Might play seriously in PvP, once I don’t have to try to get the leftover Challenges for completionists Sake.

Until then I will probably piss of people for picking characters I suck with and try to do the lore.

Good for PvP lovers to get people like me in the mix. I typed good, but actually mean BAD

If Private Matches can be used for Lore, there will be a lot less Pissed of people in PvP.

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they need to improve the AI as well. it’s so dumb. they can burn you but for the most part you can easily kite any of them.