We should all stop buying DLC till they add DLC characters

I’d love to play as Moxxi or the girl that helps us with british accent (forgot her name), the CEO of BL3 for some reason don’t think we want dlc characters, which is dumb, all they had to do was release a poll and ask, like seriously, why wouldn’t we want more characters?, it beats the same old 4 that we repeatedly play.

So i ask you fellow gamers, please don’t buy DLC till they change their mind!, happy gaming.




Yeah, no.


Why not?

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They need to fix the ones we already have before even considering more.


Of all the reasons to not buy DLC, that’s not one of them.

It might not please us all but GBX is kind of right. Most people only really play one character and in that kind of environment it’s probably better to focus on improving the core characters we already have.

More people will simply get more mileage from the resources GBX would use.


Lots will have already committed with the season pass.
Lack of DLC interest may result in no dlc, rather than the dlc you’d prefer.


they work fine, the only issue is the guardian rank hollow point?, unless you’re talking about skill tree reworks, however i would like future dlc characters rather than maps, as said above the CEO doesn’t think we want these for some bizarre reason, they can still fix the main 4 and add more.

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anyone up for a drink?


But even if we get the season pass or DLC, that still doesn’t mean they will add new characters, right?.

Do the devs check here do you know?

Did you see the hotfix? They are still fixing bugged skills and there are plenty more bugged ones. Rakks and Headcount, anyone?

I didn’t but they can least say they’re reconsidering adding future characters regardless of bugs, that would put most people that want the characters at peace.

naw i like it how it is, besides dlc characters = more transactions

It doesn’t mean they will, but if they see there’s interest in the prospect of DLC they may be persuaded to get some sorted eventually.

They do. Noelle is often seen replying to people, I’ve seen some of the devs post on twitter with tweets that seem to vaguely reference things that have happened here. Jythri used to post a lot in the Battleborn days, and has commented on forum concerns on the various streams. I’ve spoken to several support desk folk who are aware of issues that are brought up from time to time.


So we’re in a dilemna, i could purchase DLC and get what i want in the future, but then i also may not, pretty much “Socrates Theory”.

That’s good, hopefully Noelle will hop on by and say if they changed their mind or not, fingers crossed.

Yeah, this won’t change how unlikely it seems for new characters to be added.
I’ll get the DLC at some point, but it probably has to wait until they have proven to bring patches that doesn’t just break things (and when I am finished with Outer Worlds).


It’s problematic for those of us who do want more DLC characters.

I’ve never made a secret that I wish we could have more, and believe that stats may be slightly skewed due to people who bought on launch, completed one character and traded in, or borrowed it from a friend/company etc.

But unfortunately I’m not in a position to do anything beyond say I disagree with this decision.


I like that they are adding new content areas to explore with the DLC, rather than a new character or some new skins. Nonetheless, cheer up, you have 7 years until the next Borderlands so you never know what they may add in the future. They added the Lilth DLC to BL2 7 years after the initial release , so anything is possible. Happy Holidays.


They said they weren’t adding characters from the start and I’m not missing the dlc lol.


I do like the new maps and areas to explore, but for them to give up on this, it’s weird, i’m pretty sure every one of us, or almost all of us that have played previous borderlands have brought the dlc characters, and that brought them money, regardless of what They Think the statistics were, they still made money from it.

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