We should not be forced to unlock heros thru story missions

Im a pvp guy if i buy this game thats what im going to play it for, exclusively

Having story missions is fine but please dont force us to participate just to unlock all the characters thats not right

And im sure pve’ers feel the same way about having to play pvp to unlock characters. I know you can get them eventually by reaching command rank “X” but come on its ridiculous. Between beating the first mission and reaching lvl 36 to unlock isic obviously the former is easier and faster but i still really dont wanna play these missions they do nothing for me which is why i cant even use him yet

Heres my solution- have 3 ways of unlocking every hero. First: reach rank “X”. Second: perform this task in story mode. Third: Perform this task in pvp.

Voila, problem solved for everyone. Multiple ways to reach the same goal

I’m playing this game almost exclusively for pvp as well, but the story is still fun to play through once or twice. Getting Ghalt might be something that you’ll need to wait for, but playing one mission to unlock a character really isn’t that painful.


You might be in for a rude awakening, it’s pretty clear Gearbox is designing this game with a complex relationship between PvP and PvE, and rather than character unlocks, this is most evident in gear (at least as it is in the beta):

There are certain Legendary Gears that you can only acquire in specific PvE missions. Earning Credits (to purchase loot packs) is far more efficient when playing PvE.

Even outside of gear, lots of character achievements are nearly impossible to complete in PvP, which will earn you lots of character EXP and help unlock helix Mutations.

Also if you want all the skins for the characters, some of them are locked behind story mission lore objectives.

Example, Attikus for example, to get one of his Lore objectives, you have to punch Rendain in the face 12 times with his secondary attack.

Luckily though you can get all characters just by raising your commander rank, so if you don’t want to do story mode, you don’t have to.

Just as Master_Oddjob said though, alot of the better gear will come from doing PvE/Story missions and getting the lucky drop off the bosses.

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I have to agree to disagee. Two ways of unlocking a character automatically sets it apart for the better from other persistent unlocks within games. Imagine if you could only unlock characters through command rank. There would be virtually no Deandes or Ghalts until you were done with the Story, which would definitely force you into playing it. But three days into the beta I just ran into a Deande, who I wasn’t expecting until day 5 at the earliest.

Compare that to what we have now. You could level up to 22 to play Phoebe, or you could just go kill 50 players(I may be a bit biased since I as looking forward to her before I actually played the game, but I digress). I like this system because if you want to play a specific character, you aren’t locked in to just grinding command ranks; There are two clear paths, giving both kinds of players options, PvE or PvP.

What if there was a third way to unlock a character such as spending 10,000 credits?

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Then you would have to choose between saving up to unlock a character, or spending it on loot packs/loadouts/etc. which would be a pretty serious trade-off. Spend 10k on Kleese or buy 4/5 loot packs? If you do so, you’re passing out on what would be a lot of loot, which could possibly aid you more in the long run, especially if you end up hating the character, whereas if you just unlock it with Command Rank, you’ve pretty much only paid with your free time and don’t have to bother with it anymore.

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Still, it’s another option for those who are looking for another way to unlock a certain character earlier.

2 Ways to unlock them should be plenty already. Even if PVE isn’t all that fun for you, it’s just finish these once lol. You are not forced into it, as you’ve said, get a high command rank through pvp then.

I’d say most people who prefer PvP would still be happy playing occasional PvE and vice versa. Can’t we be friends as well as kill each other? Is that so hard? :wink:

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Believe me i tried

If they were half an hour each maybe i could stomach it, but 45 minutes to an hour in and i still wasnt done couldnt take it anymore

Maybe i should do it with a team but still having the option to unlock them differently doesnt hurt

The other stuff fine no problem

Unlocking characters i care about wish they would change it doesnt hurt anyone or the game

Actually, that’s not true, you can unlock there Taunts and color palettes through there corresponding loot packs as well, for example, Marquis’s taunts and colors are found in the LLC loot pack. there is some RNG, but if you cant get certain stuff done with said characters there another option.

Im pretty sure you’re on my side here. If you commend two options of unlocking, wouldnt 3 be even better?

Now every player pve or pvp can unlock every hero without having to play the other one that to me is the nest scenario

Obviously getting the rank would take much longer which makes it not as good

The pvp version could take longer than pve too thats fine but give me the option at least

A better way of putting it be I understand what it is you want, per se, but I don’t think I agree completely. We already have two ways of unlocking characters. Three would feel a little excessive. It would also be overwhelming for someone who just wants to, say, play Boldur as quickly as possible.

I’m also worried that if they did this, the next step would be ‘Well why not just add microtransactions’, which is a horrible idea do not do this.

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I also found that the leveling is pretty quick. I just finished playing through all the characters I had unlocked at level 22. You’re always unlock new characters, so it never felt like there was a lull where I just really needed to get to the next character.

This. What’s the rush? Get to know the characters.

I’ve gotten some skins and taunts from the loot packs for a couple of characters, they are extra skins & taunts, example with Benedict, He has ‘The Dance, I’ as his standard, then The Dance, II is unlocked via lore I think, but from a pack I got The Dance, III.

So the skins that are shown on the Appearance tab are unlocked the way they say, with extras being hidden in loot packs it seems.

Now I may be wrong since I’m only speaking with what I have seen, and if I’m wrong well then I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Having 3 ways doesnt make anything overwhelming it adds convenience and saves time why wouldnt you want that?

And microtransactions in a game like this in 2016 is almost a sure thing they have the ground work for it clearly

Pay money to buy coins, spend coins on gear packs. I think you’ll be disappointed

But if everything post launch is free bc of micro dlc im perfectly fine with it and would encourage it rather than paying for actual content like maps modes and heros