We slass! Eista not moving

Is anyone else having problems with the We Slass missions where Eista doesn’t move? It says to follow him but he is just frozen in place and won’t move at all. I have put a request ticket over a week ago and haven’t heard anything back. I was hoping it would get sorted in one of the hot fixes. It’s annoying as these are the last missions I have to do to get the achievement for all side missions.

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Hi from the future! I’m having the same problem… Was this problem solved or not? I wanted to play on another character an this bug appeared. Didn’t have this problem on other characters.

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Sorry for this late reply.
No this has never been sorted and it’s getting frustrating. I submitted a ticket in April about it and nothings been done.
I contacted them again about the ticket a few weeks ago and they said they’re still looking into it