We still have a 'sub-rarity' problem with legendary drops

In that, while most guns in the game technically can come from any source (if the wiki is to be trusted), most of the time it’s the same ten or twenty things. It’s like legendaries come with hidden tiers or something, with the crappier ones intentionally dropping more frequently (some have been buffed but still drop as frequently, but still). Not sure if this is deliberate or if the RNG is wonky, or if some weapons have simply been accidentally excluded from most loot pools.

It sucks that there are so many awesome and fun guns in this game, and not only do we have the problem of anything decent being nerfed to hell and back, some gear simply isn’t dropping.

Here are some examples I’ve noticed, excluding dedicated loot.

Common af tier:
The stuff that you will see at least one of when an enemy drops more than one leg.
Woodblocker, ASMD, WTF, Scourge, Ripper, T.K.s Wave, Krakatoa, Nova Berner, Woodblocker, Polybus, Malak’s Bane
dlc: Flama Diddle, Anarchy, Plumage, Cheap Tips, Oldridian

Somewhat common:
Not as common, but still somewhat regular when farming.
Hellshock, Recursion, Storm, Sickle, Flakker, Firestorm, Alchemist, Dictator (but only after nerf), any of the crappy artifacts that only make slight modifications to slam or slide
dlc: Robin’s Call, any dlc COMs, Nukem

Way less common, but still able to get it as a random drop if you’re lucky.
Lasersploder, Shredifier, basically any decent AR

Practically dedicated gear:
Stuff that seems to only come from one source. If any of this stuff actually is dedicated gear, my apologies, but I’m just going with the information I’ve been given (that they can come from any source, according to the wiki). Some of this stuff I’ve never even seen in the game, so I’ve not got much to go on here.
One Pump Chump, Sitorak, Smart-Gun, Sledge’s Shotgun, 9-volt, The Garcia, Redline, Mind-Killer, Headsplosion, Crossbow, Hive, Quadomiser, Linc, Night Flyer, It’s Piss, Skeksil, Scorpio XL, Psycho Stabber.
DLC: I don’t even know, but I know there are definitely some dlc legs I’ve never seen drop. Hell, I didn’t get an ION LASER until after I switched from ps4 to Steam.





What are you talking about

Most of these are exclusive drops.
Here is a slightly more reliable document.
Some things are still wrong but 99% is correct or gets corrected.
As for drop rates there more than likely is something but its not based on power as the Krakatoa is possibly the strongest sniper. But RNGesus likes to drop oddly for everyone. My suggestion for base game world drops is to get lootsplosion for your eassy modifier and something to boost luck and you will have enough base game legendaries to not be able to use your mini map in game.




Bonus : How do you avoid the forum refusing your topic when you write it in all cap?

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Oh, that’s annoying. I was misinformed.

Nonetheless, the fact is that some legendaries are way more common that others

Certain guns are in fact drop exclusive (basically all of the last tier of rarity you listed are) but yeah, it seems a little tiered.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it may have something to do with what can and cannot world drop in each category. For instance, the Monocle is the only Jakobs sniper that can world drop in the base game, so you are gonna see it a lot. Simular thing goes for the Woodblocker as the only WD Hyperion sniper and Malak’s Bane as the only Dahl WD sniper.

However, there are some things that are just odd, for instance, how the ASMD and the Krakatoa seem to be much more common than the Storm and Firestorm, even though all of them are Maliwan snipers that can world drop.

There is some weirdness as to whether certain manufacturers have different drop chances as well, the Lyuda for instance is not only the only legendary Vladof sniper rifle in the game, it can also world drop, but it’s way less common than your average Monocle.

Two in fact, but one of them is a cartel exclusive so you can’t get it right now.


This stuff isn’t world drop, it’s all dedicated only stuff.

Otherwise I agree with you. I get ASMD and Bangarang every time there is a big drop. I hate these guns SOOOOOO much.

I think the OP’s premise is right, even if they’ve added a few exclusive drops to their assessment. I too suspect there is a tier system that rolls like this

Percent chance to drop legendary
Legendary should drop — Pick legendary tier
(common/uncommon/rare), each tier has a different chance, e.g., common legendary is, say, 70% of time, (more common tiers are presumably considered weaker by the devs)
Pick legendary from that tier
– Bane, Lob, woodblocker, etc
– Lyuda, hellshock, etc
Item drops

This would explain why we see so many woodblockers compared to hellshocks. Or why some legendaries never drop.

Even more strangely, I believe this tier table has probably rarely been updated, meaning, originally, the Lob was a “common/low” tier, and therefore still lives in the highly common legendary table, leading to a ton of those, even tho it was buffed, while the Lyuda, which is more rare (maybe uncommon?) Still drops more rarely, but is less useful than vanilla.

Point is, buff the Lyuda plz. (lol)

People on here who tell me that they have access to the code have repeatedly told me that there’s no weighting system for legendary drops. I still don’t believe it because my hundreds of hours playing the game say otherwise.


It could be unconscious bias I guess. I mean, if each legendary has a manual input chance that a developer types in, that developer could manually put in like a higher chance for guns they think aren’t as good without even realizing how much weight that gives them.

Or maybe confirmation bias, as I’m probably more likely to notice the 6th Woodblocker to drop than the 6th recursion (though with the nerf these days…).

You could always run a few slaughter shafts, and taking into account boss-loot, track which items drop. I’d just track the base item, not variants, and see what you end up with after 1000 items or so. It’s a lot of work though and 1000 still isn’t enough to be statistically relevant.

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Haven’t seen a headsplosion since level 50

Had a good laugh at the ‘common af’ tier. Not sure if this was intentional but you listed Woodblocker twice.

That is very accurate though, I’ve probably gotten more woodblockers to drop in this game than any other weapon combined and I won’t use that crap lol


Headsplosion isn’t in the world drop pool, it used to be a Manvark exclusive drop (I farmed for one a couple months ago) but now it’s apparently King Bobo’s drop after the patch.

Woodblocker is the meta-recursion.

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I’ll have to give him a go, never had any luck with manvark dropping one. I haven’t had much success with Jacobs weapons on Moze at High MH levels but always wanted to make a Jacobs build work




Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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