We the players can help the game

We as a community can go to websites with user reviews and help pump up positive reviews and hopefully that will get some more people willing to buy the game and boost the numbers. I believe it would be beneficial as most people see the game dying. I have done so on serveral sites so far. If you like the game you can do the same on your favourite sites or post sites with less positive reviews and maybe we can help sway the negativity. Atleast this way we are being proactive instead of just complaining.
Also feel free to add any other ways you think the community can add to the game being more successful.


Now THIS is an awesome idea!!! :heart:
Rated it on several sites too, seems it has not many voters in general, and those vote it down…


Commenting on articles and the like. It’s not just a fight to make this game seem good (which it is imo) but a fight to keep it relevant. One of the largest problems this game had leading up to launch was any information posted about it just didn’t matter because many people didn’t care about it.

Also, on consoles it’s split screen. Invite friends over to play it. Word of mouth is what made borderlands pop.

This week I’m going to release a bunch of Battleborn videos. My projects consist reviews of the game, hero highlights and some gameplay montages. I try to post all my stuff to as many outlets as possible - Twitter, Reddit, Websites, Facebook, YouTube etc… I’ll be sure to post them here with links to my various sites.


Again I’m just saying we can do our part however small. I mean of course a lot of this is up to gearbox to grab players attentions. Obviously they have ours already.

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I’m sure most people will go and give you some likes and help get some traction on your videos. Looking forward to seeing what you make. Thanks

A lot of down votes are these overwatch clique people that have no real reason to not like other then “overwatch for life”. Don’t want to spark that discussion but it’s definitely hurting the game. Post links and maybe we can help balance things out on those sites.

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Nah you’re right. The fanboi is real. And it sucks these kids just put down any title that isn’t Overwatch… and the damn game isn’t even that impressive.

I think Battleborn will do even better after OW comes out and people get burned out. It doesn’t have the same replayability as MOBAs or MMOs, it’s strictly an FPS Arena Shooter a la TF2. While TF2 is a classic, I don’t know many people who play it exclusively. I think OW will feel the same drop off after the initial hype.

I think it is up to players to help promote the game, if they feel so inclined and desire to see this game prosper. It’s not just videos that are effective.

Imagine if 50-100 people went on Twitter/Reddit/Facebook and left positive reviews and favorited and reposted each others good stuff about Battleborn - wouldn’t take long to generate positive trending topics.


Definitely hope that happens and definitely agree we need to start generating positive attention to game if a positive impact is what we wish for. I have seen that any negative post or attention will never get any positive reactions as I had come at many problems from there it just bred more negativity.

Everyone who enjoys this game needs to go in and give it some positives and emphasize the fact that the low player activity statistic is controlled by us, the players and that naturally by playing the game there will be more people to play against/with in PVP. That’s what I have seen as a complaint in multiple “negative” steam reviews. They talk about the game being really fun, but having no one to play with. Pretty stupid to give a negative review to express this concern. Should be encouraging more people to try the game instead in order to remove said concern.

We need to try to add more positive reviews to the Steam page to break up the red icing so people can see the positive views too.

There are thousands of us who enjoy the game, we just need to share our voices.


Already given a positive review on steam. But yeah everyone who has it is encouraged to do the same.

Indeed, already gave Positive review on Steam, do my best to stomp out negativity in the Steam forums.

Some positivity. Alani release date and double xp

How can you hype a game that is in this state? There is a reason its dying/already dead, its a combination of many things, hyping it on forums doesn’t help, in fact your blind fanboysim is actually hurting video games, as developers see they can release this half finished bug ridden crap and get away with it time and time again.


It’s a great idea, I try to talk about the game on every forum I’m apart of. The community talking about the good and bad about the game is really helpful to grow the community.

I’m not a very good reviewer (as in I find writing reviews boring as hell) but I am definitely planning on doing a bunch of fanart for the game :stuck_out_tongue:

The more fan made content there is on games, the more people will hear about the game and check the game out. I got interested in Dragon Age purely because of the fanart I found on it. Now I suddenly own all three games and DLC! (Thanks TheMinttu and Pheberoni!)

I have to ask, what is your motive here? Get more people playing, so the game you love doesn’t die?

I am trying hard not to, but I see this attempt to encourage artificial inflation of good reviews on review sites or wherever to be bordering upon the morally unjust.

It’s not fair on people who read these happy camper reviews and make the decision to buy the game based upon them with their hard earned cash. How would you feel if someone bought the game based upon one of your reviews and then this person found that they actually didn’t like the game for the same reasons that all of the supposed negative nellies didn’t.

And before you all go for my jugular, I have no problem with people encouraging others to leave reviews, but only encouraging people to leave good reviews because that matches your opinion, well frankly that leaves me feeling quite uncomfortable.


Wow, what a well constructed post, I completely agree. I wish I could express myself like this sometimes.

I assumed the point of this topic wasn’t to encourage dishonest reviews. Just something positive from the people who do have something positive to say about the game.

Battleborn certainly has problems and they shouldn’t be ignored, but it’s not over-hyping or dishonest to voice your positive views on the game :slight_smile: (Or blind fanboyism)

What exactly are you referring? Can you elaborate on the “state” of the game as you see it?