We want a vertical splitscreen

Hey everybody, if you want a vertical splitscreen for BL 3 please write a quick note.

I play always couch-coop with my friend. We tried a lot of games but Borderlands 1 was the best Game for us.
Couch-Coop in BL2 was better. And the couch-coop in BL3 was even better.

We were so disappointed about the fakt that BL3 has no verticel splittscreen. And it is not playable if one player is fighting and the other player is for example buying ammo. It‘s just to laggy.


I’m surprised they went with horizontal splitscreen as the default. I’ve played couch co-op Borderlands 2 with a half dozen friends, and everyone prefers vertical.

Maybe we’re all weird and GB had data that most people use horizontal? Still can’t do horizontal, though, it messes with my perception and makes me feel like I’m playing through a fisheye lens.

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Vertical was a challenge to me when it was introduced… Growing up horizontal was the option (at least I never recall seeing a way to change it on N64 with Goldeneye) and the first time I played it was vertical BL2.

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Horizontal made more sense when TV’s were all 4:3. Now that it’s all widescreen, it’s like each screen in horizontal split screen is Laurence of Arabia.

Vertical makes each split screen closer to 4:3.

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Please keep the conversation in the already existing thread.

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