We won, but it counts as 'Defeat'?

We won, but it counts as defeat…?


Our sentry was being attacked as the clock was running out of time when this happened, in the overgrowth incursion map.

Match id: 20160605-9e9b89a8-db35-4912-9a74-b194df4bd5a6

Wow! That sucks. They must have taken a few more points off your sentry that did not register to the final score. I just had a match 50-50 that we one at the literal last second. I got the final blow on their sentry and we won due to our team score being higher, other team must have lost it!

Edit: I have also noticed I have gotten credit for kills that I could not have contributed to at all. I just recently got credit for killing someone about 30 sec after a 20 sec respawn that I did not even encounter in the fight I was in before I died.

There was another post earlier today pointing out that sometimes the counter over-runs by some seconds - just enough time for the other time to steal your victory. That may have been what happened to you.

If you had any minions or turrets built, it may have killed them.

I had no idea those counted towards kills if you built them. Nice!