Weak spots on characters & critical hits - need help

So while I’m doing pretty well in BB there’s one thing I can rarely utilize and it’s critical shots. I know most humanoid characters have “weak spots” on their heads, but some are not that obvious, like Toby for one.

Anyone figured out every “weak spot” for each character and would care to share?

also,do they always work or is it an increased crit chance?Every headshot on thralls is a crit but I noticed that sometimes I hit a humanoid hero right in the dome with Oscar Mike and didn’t crit so maybe it works differently on heroes?

I also found out that the sentries on incursion have weak spots- I once saw an exposed leg(somewhat like ISIC in “The Algorithm”) and shooting it was giving me crits. But I only saw that once. Does one need to concentrate fire on a limb to expose it or was it a bug?

Lastly,critical shot damage- how high is it(like +50% or +100%) and how does it get affected by +%crit damage gear - the crit damage stat seems pretty useless to be honest,+10 % on something as inconsistent as crits is absolute garbage vs a flat +10% damage increase,even when applied to skills. Or maybe I got it wrong and it’s actually powerful because it calculates differently than I assumed?

Any help on with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Most BB hit the head. Toby is himself (the penguin). Shayne is only shaynes head (not aurox). I believe kelvin os the eyes/mouth but not sure.

The exposed part you saw is indeed by focusing fire on the appropriate limb. I have never seen it done, but had a few people say it’s possible.

I do not know the exact numbers on crit d amage, but do not pve and pvp have different modifiers. I think it’s 50% in pvp, but don’t quote me.

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Also, you can’t crit if the targets shields are up

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yeah,I thought so,but yesterday I was shooting him with Oscar Mike and I only got crits when I was hitting the top of his model,not the penguin,but maybe I was imagining :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m bumping this because I’m also interested in understanding crits and crit gear better. What is the pvp multiplier, does it differ across the battleborn giving or receiving the critical hit, and how is crit gear damage calculated?

I was actually planning on including information regarding crit hot spots for every enemy and Battleborn in my steam guide.

Unfortunatly I haven’t really gotten around to working on the guide much since but basic rule is, if it has a squishy bit in the middle it’s a crit and if it’s squishy all over its the head.

So a squishy but in the middle would be Toby and Shayne & Aurox. Kelvin technically is an exception but aim for the bright yellow part inside his mouth.

If I remember correctly, PvE crit modifier is x3 and PvP is x1.5.

i think it is different for every character, it makes sense for snipers like marquis to have higher crit bonuses. ive noticed for ghalt it varies but only because the randomness of cone of fire of pellets.

The sentry’s large back legs are the crit spot if your playing incursion. Not so much a character crit spot but it sure as hell helps to hit the leg rather than wasting time on the body.

Hello! There was actually a nice gallery/guide put up in the Marquis section a while back. It is extremely useful.

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