Weakest Melee Character/Gun

Who is the Weakest Melee Character?

Weakest Gun user?

People like saying characters are weak some say whisky attikus and boldur are weak but i have been on the other side of players good as both and they can go on wrecking sprees in the right hand.

Define weak.

I’d say Rath and Caldarius.

Rath doesn’t do much damage, and generally just hits and runs. His ult has all the damage, otherwise, he’s a mean, pesky mosquito.

Caldarius is the same, he’s just more of a mosquito. He looks just like a giant bug, and he buzzes around everywhere. Good luck trying to whack him.

Gun :
Foxtrot. You have to be 10x better than the other side to do well with him. He shines at nothing.

Deande or El Dragon.

Deande has too many flaws and a bad concept for an assassin who focuses too much on CC over speed and damage. Her uppercut can easily be countered by a quick melee because she has the worst hit box in the game.

She is just harder to kill than the other assassins but who plays assassins to survive and CC? You want an assassin to take care of kill the crucial targets right away, not leave them ready to be protected.

On the other hand El Dragon is just so easy to kill that although he has huge damage and CC, you don’t even have to try and you can easily CC him and kill him because of how squishy he is.

Let’s just say both suffers from having too many weakness that doesn’t fit the way the character look. Deande is a light-looking character who is rather slow and wonky. Eldragon is large but squishy.

I say wf for gun you might as well use mike gun better skills better helix better. Given how slower his gun fires it should do more damage and make it auto burst to save peoples fingers.
Melee attikus he can do well but if you dont use attack speed gear and dont get his right level 3 helix it sucks. I dont feel just use this gear and get this helix isnt a good way to justify his badness.

Gonna have to disagree with that since Whiskey is really good once you learn how to use him. I’m not gonna go into detail since this thread isn’t about how to use characters.

Both of them are very solid picks, again both characters are great in the right hands. @Slif_One Is a very competent Deande that can do just as well as any other melee character with her. El Dragon is still a good choice even in competitive play despite his short comings.

That’s why i love this game, every character brings something new to the table be it utility, CC, damage, wave clear, you name it. They all have their uses and kits to help with different things, it just takes a little time to learn how to use each one effectively. As for the worst characters in both categories i really can’t pick one since none of them really under perform at the moment.


That’s why my weak character choices aren’t bad, just squishy and hard to hit. They tend to whittle you down, instead of 100-0-ing you.

I don’t believe there are any weak characters, each is diverse and needs to be played differently, for every kind of badass. I find Boldur to be the least useful character and no more than an irritation, but @Dr_H0H0 would disagree. By the way I saw your screenshot, hope to play with you soon!

I could tell you my least favourites though:

  • Melee: El Dragon. He’s so obnoxious, I can’t stand him, never have and never will play as him.
  • Ranged: Marquis. He may be the best at holding down a lane but what else does he do? Stand, wait, snipe. Stand, wait, snipe. Slow, run, stand, wait, snipe. I love his kit and he’s the best sniper character I’ve ever seen in any game, but his playstyle is so boring I just can’t stand in one spot all game when I could be running around clearing lanes and completing objectives.

As gunner also mixed with melee, Caldarius he takes the cake for both but i will just count him as Gunner. His ulti is glitchy and can only be used in certain scenario’s, his tmp is laughable, his dash is buggy and extremely hard to hit, his melee is also extremely hard to hit and given his squishyness you don’t really want to be using his melee unless it is quite obvious you will win.

As for melee Im going to have to say Attikus, he has such an awesome design but his passive is absolute trash. It ties him too heavily to the minion wave and he is so huge him trying to proc it is both obvious and easy to counter. What’s worse is he does progressively worse with each game mode, meltdown he has less pressure with more minions around, incursion he is under constant pressure with one minion wave, and capture LOL there are no minions to proc his passive, cmon that needs looking into.