Weakspot point?

Thanks to shinobido101 I learnt the shepherd’s weakspot

I also know (or rather “believe”) the tiny bot’s weakspot is the red dot on the middle of their body, and the weakspot of the big bots you can summon is the reactor behind them.

Any unusual weakspot point you guys want to share ?
(“unusual” as in “not the head”)

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and the Giant robot is the exhaust ports on his back

Im still trying to figure out where the crit spot is on the heros. If it the head that hitbox seems uber small. Kinda wish they just do crit chance, but meh.

NO please
Crit chance is the most ■■■■■■■■ thing ever made.
HERE it’s about skill and accuracy not just RNG and gear.

On battleborns the weakspot is usually the head.
Unless for toby where you have to aim for toby himself.

I’m still unsure about shayne and aurox

Oh yeah I noticed his middle eye. (I was wondering who “geoff” is… he’s arachnis)
But honestly the minion’s weakspot (the middle eye) is really really tiny.

Im not saying its the best idea. But in bb fast pace and choatic enviroment sometimes…lol

I could see them adding a small crit chance but keeping the crit spots as well. Why not? It would alter DPS for everyone but just make it a small chance, maybe introduce gear to increase it.

Shayne’s head (and not the big Aurox head) is her crit spot, so it’s around the middle of the character as a whole, like Toby.

I find this pretty insane to hit, especially from her back.

That’s actually quite easy to hit imo. Hardest to hit is Ghalt for me, it seems really small area due to part of his armor covering the chin (doesn’t deem like it’s counting when it hits there)
Except from higher ground, doing crit on Ghalt is difficult. Oh, and kleese. Kleese is easy to hit but from a distance, pinpointing the head can be a bit difficult.

I’d say Thorn is the hardest one to hit.

I mean even just getting body shots on her if they’re jumping all over the place is a pain in the ass, she’s like a damn twig lol.

Yeah hitting a moving stick is pretty hard xD

Anyone know if the turrets have any weakspot ? I didn’t find any


Sentries in incursion, if you shoot the panels covering their legs they will give an orange glow. With enough damage they’ll pop off and give a white-ish electric spark effect. Those are exposed crit points. I haven’t seen many other people focusing their fire on those points so I thought I’d put it up for anyone who hasn’t noticed yet

Thanks for the tips, I’ll try this If I ever play incursion again. (which is unlikely since I can’t seem to find any match)
And If we ever reach the sentry (which is rare)