Weapon annoints : 130% ase or 100% next 2 mags?

This is on a spiritual driver Amara, so I will be proccing the ASE constantly. On paper it sounds like the 130% is better but I remember reading something about the damage being bugged and I don’t see it being mentioned as much as next 2 mags. Can anyone clarify?


The damage is indeed bugged, its 40% not 130%.


Ha, yeah I remember reading it was less when it was 70%. You would think they would have fixed it when they doubled the number. Hey, do we have any kind of anoint guide that is up to date?

After the update I’m trying to figure out what my best weapons are. For example I have an OPQ that is 300/90 with 7267x2 and another that is 8771x2 but has a crap healing pool ASE.

Anoints are unfortunately very build specific. I’m not sure there’s any way to make a general rule. Picking the absolute best anoint for a build is going to require knowledge of the damage calculations.

Generally the best anoints are splash, next 2 mags bonus elements, 150% rad or consecutive hits. There are other good anoints but those are the ones that consistently come out on top from the non character specific ones.

I’d try both OPQ’s out and see which feels better. Neither is great, but it should still be passable. 300/90 is a hard anoint to decide on as its very dependent on, if it triggers the shock explosion while 300/90 is active it’ll probabaly win. Otherwise I’d expect the healing pool OPQ tokull quicker.

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Next two mags ase is the best thing since sliced bread. Its basically the new meta 100% ase of some element. Basically double damage

Except if you’re using other bonus elements at the same time (shield, grenade etc.) which are not increased by the weapon’s bonus element. That’s why I still prefer gun damage anointments.

I seem to be getting the full 130, works great on my monarch

Actually, false alarm, I had a ASE rad Grenade on too lol

I was about to say… Alright thats it… First u n ur superb drop rates and now the 130 anoint works properly for you? We play a cometely different game… Lol

Short answer it does work as advertised and never has. 40% better than nothing. Though

Yep haha, it looked like I was getting the fat damage there but then I forgot I had that nade on lol.

Regardless, I got it on a shock monarch x8 so it still shreds the new takedown haha. When they fix it, it will be hilarious lol

Its been broken since release they just buffed it and its still broken.

Anyways… Why the hell.does Amara get that as an anoint when she does the most damage in the game possible. The devs drive me nuts

Yeah, Amara is pretty nuts. I made a fl4k recently and ran Moxsy’s 5g build and while the survivability was decent, the damage couldn’t cut it compared to my Amara.

I want to make a Zane but not sure how he’ll compare. And not exactly looking forward to beating the main game again.

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Basically just go to dlc one and get a seeing dead i mean u get a free boost. Then the game is easy. U have an eternal barrier. You damage will.never compare to other vault hunters but ur invicible except to melee. So the games super easy. The skill bar falls off the planet from there. Hes basically made for unskilled players.

You do get double shots very often so that pays off.
U til the level caps raised ur pretty much a hitman well unless u want a harder time. Etc.

to be honest with playing dirty stacks your dmg can compare to others in many instances.