Weapon Anointment Question

Hello, I have a question regarding weapon annointments in regards to the weapon not being “active.” So I know the ASE anoints in grenade/shield are active regardless. But say I have a gun with “enemies damaged by rakk attack take 125% more damage for a time,” equipped but not using, do I still get that effect? If not, how do you determine if/when certain anointments work on a weapon that isn’t your “active” weapon?

Thank you!

This is one of my burning questions I like to know. Have you try experiment on Handsome Jack on Sanctuary 3? I’m not sure getting annointed proc on AS and swapping would work but I could be wrong on that maybe

Weapon anointments only work when the weapon is held. When you’re holding weapon 1, the anointments of weapon 2-4 don’t do anything.