Weapon balancing / build variety

So we got the new take and the new patch with the soooo damn needed weapon balancing to make more weapons valuable.
GBX balanced the overperforming ones ( I like) and as always they are now vendor trash ( I don’t like).
Ok no problem there are now so many legendaries that I can test and play with, because everything is super balanced now.
But wait,why are only 3 or 4 weapons doing dmg right now? Is the game balanced when every single weapon sucks?
I guess the new weapons will be OP, don’t have one right now. Same like mayhem 2.0 release.
I loved this game because I could test so many guns, builds, combinations, etc… I had every day some new ideas to test and now? Everything I test leads to the same ■■■■■■■ guns the same ■■■■■■■ build…
With every update the diversity of guns com’s Artefacts and nades, that are valuable to use gets smaller, for guns extremely small, nearly non existing. Weapon scaling did not happen in my opinion. for example
A Brainstormer with 6 mag and x14 does about 986 dmg (something like that)
A reflux ( it’s an 1:1 copy of Brainstormer except colour and name, same stats) with 6mag and x14 does 1731 dmg. Wtf almost double the dmg, why? Because it’s m6 only?
Kaoson got nerfed down to hell because it’s too strong, so GBX made it totally weak. Are other smgs now better performing? Tried with cutsman, kybs, redistributor all m10 with the best annoits you can get, all sucked. May I try ripper… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
So far I figured out 3 guns that can do dmg
And thank God it exists, my beloved recursion ( it’s too strong for you GBX can’t nerf it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
Ok what do I want to say.
Your so called diversity is going into the complete wrong direction, GBX. We want a variety of guns not only one or two guns with a variety of annoits. Don’t get me wrong variety in annoits is something I like.
but not when you’ll have to have every annoit you want, on the same ■■■■■■■ gun.
I see where this is going week after week a hotfix and then when some more weapon are useful, drops lvl 60 so you have to farm all again. This would be np problem when I can test the stuff I collected so far.
Damn ■■■■ what a text,haha I would never read such a long one. But needed to get it of my chest.

Ps: i miss testing :sleepy: :weary:


Dont worry the new weapons dont even drop
I think the only thing ppl will find is the grenade mod.

I see that’s also the same like on mayhem 2.0 release. That’s good balancing gearbox make new weapon, good weapons, maybe op weapons and then don’t let them drop. So everything is in balance.
I’m kinda pissed off right now.

I looked for an SMG to replace Koason.
I wanted to believe GBX that it’s in the buffed SMG.
But it was a mistake.
There is no weapon in the SMG category that can replace Koason
The alternative is an OPQ that is as strong as or stronger than Koason and wasn’t nerfed
The price of that was the demise of the SMG category.

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Sadly I have to agree, Kaoson nerf was needed but about 40% wpn dmg 100+% accuracy and about 30-40% crit made it worthless.
Hmm I can truly see the balancing here, now every smg is equal to another.
All together suck :joy:


A Hellshock at Mayhem 10 works quite well. It’s weird, weapons that look like they should perform well often don’t, but this pistol does.

Is the gun you dropped a gold OPQ?
Or is it garbage Hellshock?
Choose the gun you want to use with your M10.
I wouldn’t hesitate to choose OPQ.
I won’t bother picking out the garbage.

It’s wrong to say that patience and use are functional.

I actually hate this game now.

Im tired of being letdown.

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Yes? can i ask you wehre are you testing ?