Weapon buff/nerf

These weekly weapon adjustments are finally frustrating me.

Granted some of them were needed. Loved using Lyuda and Cutsman but I remember being one of the last to get a lyuda and being stoked when I got it.

My issue is that I have 3 elemental Lyudas that I have farmed, 3 cutsmans and a hellwalker…

Whenever a hotfix comes out I don’t have the inventory to keep all the weapons so I am left with not knowing what to throw away and what to keep.

Inventory needs at least an extra 50 in bank and 20 on the person.

Either that or let me have my limited weapon options and stop nerfing. I now have to make an entire new build not knowing what weapons will not be effective

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Please use the hotfix thread for these, we do not need extra threads for the same topic