Weapon buffs I'd love to see <3

In anticipation of weapon buffs coming in the future hotfixes and patches, I’d like to post a list of some of my favorite guns that are under-performing and need a buff. There are a lot of weapons that can benefit from a buff (devoted, creeping death, ripper etc.) but I’m just going to post some weapons that I find fun to use that I personally would love to see get a buff.

Headsplosion. Awesome gun, that doesn’t see much use. Give it a little umph

Ice Queen. Speaking of snipers, Ice Queen is a pretty sweet concept for a sniper and I’d love it to be viable. Umph it.

Masterwork Crossbow. It’s a skill weapon; how about we reward the player a bit more for their skill with it? It was super exciting weapon on release but it fell off hard. I want an unseen threat tier masterwork crossbow- umph me daddy.

Bekah. Add it to the loot pool on someone or world drop. I want some Bekah love and no one would complain about moar Bekah.

Sawbar. You tried, but it’s definitely not there yet. Give it the lob treatment; reduce the range at which it activates it’s special effect and enhance the dmg on the special effect by… well, lob treatment. Give it some love.

Fastball. Not a gun but bro, it’s the fastball. I’d love to hear that POP with the insta kill dmg when on level again. So damn satisfying. Needs to happen, not even up for debate- I don’t care if it’s not mayhem viable, I want to POP some dudes while I’m lvling at least.

Hellfire SMG. I know you don’t want to just re-create old classics and want new things, but how about DOT dmg buff through the roof as tribute to BL1. It’d be sexy, don’t you think? You know you want to.

Crossroads. Just un-nerf it.

Boomer. It’s cool, give it some umph. Probably need quite a bit of umph.

Crader’s EM-P5. Excellent concept of a weapon that pairs well (thematically) with Zane. How about a little more umph?

D.N.A. You dun goofed on this one. Feels like shooting static at enemies without the shock. Where da shock at? Needs some love.

Butcher. Un-nerf it mang.

Hellwalker. Give me some pellets or something. Gun is cool, let’s step it up a notch. 25 pellet roll? I think yes.

Heart Breaker. I like the gun and I’d love to use it but it’s so weak; I don’t need a big buff to it or anything but I’d like to use it if it drops while I’m playing, you know what I’m sayin’?

Sledge’s Shotgun. Don’t really have a suggestion but it’d be kind of neat to actually be able to use it a bit more- maybe make it on par with the Garcia? Naw, I have no idea but I like sledges a lot and would like it to be more viable. Probably a shot in the dark with this one but I love the gun, I just have a hard time ever finding the opportunity to use it. Moar pellets :slight_smile: ?

Baby Maker. Consumes too much ammo on throw and needs a dmg upgrade.

Alright, that’s what I have off the top of my head for fun guns I like using that I’d like to see made more viable. Again, this is a for fun type post in the midst of the hype for future updates in patches and hotfixes. Fun guns I’d love to see get some love <3


They should buff the hellwalker and give it a meathook as its alt fire. If you know you know.

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Good luck with that.

This is BL3.

Where fun goes to die.

No buffs.

Only nerfs.

I wonder if Gearbox has ruined nerfs to the point where Nerf might be legally obliged to sue, for defamation?

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Masterwork crossbow need beyond Utthreat damage. Unseen threat m10 does as much damage as my pewpew. Im bit joking… 200k crit?
It need a unforgiven critical multiplier. Infact all non elemental snipers need vastly greater critical git damage.

Snipers blow in this game unless ur stacking elemental anoint garbage ase or overpowered anoints in general.

They clearly balanced this game around anoints and it’s not right.

where were you the past 6 months?


Atlas/Vladof RPGS- remove speed debuff

Torgue/Vladof pistols - increase damage

Hyperion snipers - more dmg/higher crit

DAHL burst fire- decrease delay between bursts/increase burst fire rate so theres a reason to use it over full-auto, and increase damage on semi-auto shots

I’d like to see the nerfs to the m3 meta weapons undone. I’d want the flakker to keep the ammo/mag size tho. The Lyuda is fine too.

Bearcat - decrease the grenade spread and make it even tighter if ADS, give it more dmg and a good crit bonus

Bitch - massively increase its damage and crit bonus

Predatory Lending - increase the damage and give it Jack’s money is power skill. maybe you could play around with cash grenades

THE SLOW HAND! please, it was so good in BL2 but it barely does anything in BL3. Damage buff for sure.

The Lead Sprinkler, you can fix this with splash radius coms but I’d like to see the pellet arc tightened. still a solid AR either way

Devastator- this one needs a damage buff. It’s such a fun gun to use but the damage cant catch up

Psycho Stabber - add melee damage to its dmg formula. alternative to the face puncher

Malak’s Bane - make it only consume 1 ammo and buff damage

Thunderball Fists - faster orb animations and damage.


I swear gearbox nerfed like 9 things and buffed like 100. You are a silly man. :laughing:

I have the most fun with snipers in this game; it’s my main go-to weapon on any character (I’ve done around 33 playthroughs). I don’t think snipers are bad at all but I do think some of the uniques could use some love to make them more viable outside of just normal non mayhem mode. I play a lot of characters and different builds all the time but my go-to favorite is an Amara with a 300% dmg to under 90% health anoint unseen threat with ties that bind. I’m a BL3 sniper addict and I think most of the sniper damage balance is fine in my book. I’d just like some uniques have the chance to compete for variety mostly. I see what you’re saying though, you do need the right anoint for it to work and right now the 300% anoint makes them pretty sexy but that’s most of it outside some other damage anoints like 100% on ASE etc.

most snipers are pretty good, tbh its just the maps dont rly encourage passive sniping like in the old games

Great stuff there man, love it. I still have an old save with a Moze playthrough I did where she turned into a Slow Hand Moze and I build around a build just for that and it was kinda disappointing. Still sitting around, I think she’s lvl 53.

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One man can dream…

I feel like the projectile arc also might need some work because skill weapon or not, the effective range on this thing is ass. Same thing goes for reload time, though I get that the idea behind the weapon are crossbows and those took long to reload. Maybe just give it an effect simular to the Tresspasser but instead of ignoring shields a portion of its damage just ignores armour.

I doubt anything will get buffed tbh. I’m leaning more towards them fast and dirty just nerfing the overachievers right now (everyone knows what they are) and then lowering the health for m7-10 and calling that the fix. I will not be surprised if this is the case. Sadly with how BL3 has gone to this point with updates I’d be surprised if it was anything more in depth.



i want all weapons balanced first by class peers and then by legendary peers

it is really not too hard to do

first step includes balancing gun types so that their average dps per ammo pool is similarily worthy, then balance gun type peers per manufacturer to narrowly match all brands performances

last step peer review legendaries by same standards and make sure that same brand does no produce godtier and hot garbage at the same time.

give the guns that have a niche in the slot the abbility to shine in that. if the gun is elementally locked it should be one of the best picks in that element.

if a gun is high crit it should be best performer at least on 100% crit rate ffs.

i swear i could do this work for gearbox for free if i was given time with gameplay developers lmao.

it is a borderlands game nothing will be completely balanced or anything like that due to coding and diversity but holly hell could i make generally all guns and gun types feel close to where they need to be? absolutely. proof enough was community patch for bl2 (not moded guns) the patch fixed what gearbox could easily fix but instead they never even admitted the caveats in the first place, i could go on for hours how there were fundamental flaws in bl2’s gun part effects designs but i don feel like it. i just feel sad that people who work on gameplay aspect are not even semi interested in running and comparing numbers to give us better experience which they could easily be doing if that was a priority. and if it is not a priority in gameplay design department i dno what is.

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Yes it is. It takes over 9 months, duh,… :wink:

Hopefully a lot got play tested for upcoming patch.


:d i would not call what they did to lob and maliwan snipers a balancing act :d but they had done a great job on iron bear that they completely ruined

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It doesn’t do any status effect damage. The Tsunami has the same problem and is also weak.

What I’d like to see is a universal Mayhem-based buff that will scale any weapon up to certain DPS level that makes it viable in mayhem mode it dropped.

ASs of now the “mayhem level” part of the gun gives flat % bonus, so weak guns keep being weak whiler strong gun keep being strong.

What I want is for that part to be changed so that it applies different damage% bonus depending on gun type and manufacturer and maybe even specific guns.

For example OPQ rifle has roughly 7x times the DPS than the Damned of the same level, so that guns like Damned will never be used over OPQ. Such buff would bring Damned up to snuff for the current Mayhem, while keeping balance of the non-mayhem versions of it