Weapon Choices: How do you 'Fuel your Rampage'?


I am Wondering which weapons are better. Feel free to ad your questions but keep in mind to compare 2 or more weapons of the same class and considering the build for each character.

For example choosing between the Maggie and the Unkept Harold for Axton. Well he has skills for boosting explosive potency but also has skills for boosting non-elemental weapons potency.

To start off, my question would be:
Allround: The Bitch, The Emperor or The Avenger (Tha Avengah!! Had to say it for more awesomeness!)

I’m not sure I understand the question, but if I had to choose between the Bitch, Emperor, or Avenger as the only weapon I could use, I would go with the Bitch every time. The Emperor’s low fire rate makes me cry (especially after having used the Torrent in TPS), and the Avenger is cute, but the ammo regen is more of a novelty than something practical (it’s not nearly enough to overcome ammo consumption in a long firefight, and there’s almost always enough ammo around to take care of this anyway). The reload gimmick of the Avenger is also, while fairly damaging, more tricky to set up and execute properly (so the final detonation is on target) than hitting the critical spot on an enemy with the Bitch (with its Hyperion-based reverse recoil, high accuracy, high crit damage, and shortened time-to-highest-accuracy).

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When choosing between the Unkempt Harold and pistol X for damage, the correct answer is the Unkempt Harold. XD

I’d also second @Adabiviak 's choice. Make no mistake, all of these weapons are extremely powerful (the Emperor is just a strict upgrade over a regular Dahl SMG, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an Axton raid kill that DOESN’T use the Avenger), but the Bitch has been time-tested to be superior in combat. The critical hit modifier on the gun allows it to out-DPS a lot of other SMGs, the famed accuracy makes hitting said powerful criticals EXTREMELY easy, and it’s got respectable SMG stats in all other areas. Put on a Legendary Cat COM with Maya and watch the game become easy mode incarnate.

The Avenger can definitely do more damage on a reload throw with Axton but the Bitch is superior in most other situations. Emperor is powerful but really needed a boost to its burst fire count to match the Bitch.

Am I the only one who don’t like the Bitch?
Prefer the Baby Maker honestly.

I mean, I like the Bitch for shooting, the Baby Maker for reload spamming and such.

With regards to the three weapons to choose from, if each have their optimal damage prefixes (i.e. Rightsizing Bitch, Stopping Emperor, Hefty Avenger) and no element I’d choose the Bitch every single time as it is the most powerful of the three. Of course, disregarding the Avengers reload damage.

the unkempt harold over every weapon in the game

the bitch over the other two smgs

The harold is for nubbs that can’t aim, its a poor man’s Bekah

Alright!! Thank you for all the Replies. Maybe we put the Harold to the test?
Any Suggestions what handgun to put up against the Harold? The Maggie maybe or the Infinity? All of those weapons are tricky to use at a distance but what’s with the regular distance you have from an Enemy. Most of the time the distance i get myself to fight is comparable to the distance from Claptraps Secret Stash to the Ammo Vendor next to Dr.Zed’s Clinic.
Which weapon is most effective in most situations (Includes downed status, Ammo efficiency and everything)

Handgun vs. Harold… maybe the Fibber with the ricocheting/fragmenting shots? Comes in several useful elements, easy on the ammo, pretty devastating if you shoot it so the scattered ricochet hits the target (even without an amp shield backing it up).

Most effective in most situations… I might vote for the Baby Maker? It comes in many elements, is decent when just firing it, but if something needs to die fast, you can toss a few and be done. Ammo efficiency is as good as you make it (tossing full reloads at a Varkid larvae will kill it, but it’s a waste of ammo for example.

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The lady fist can beat the harold

I had a time killing The Warrior only with longbow Bonus Package nades and the Lady Fist.

The herald is the most effective overall weapon in the game, without a doubt

I can think of quite a few guns more universal than the Harold.

feel free to enlighten the rest of us :sweat_smile:

Sure the harold packs a punch I’m not denying that, but its also quite limited in many factors.

  • 3 ammo per shot/6 with DP which most people go for
  • Terrible accuracy and nearly impossible to land all pellets outside of point blank range
  • slow moving pellets
  • Only comes in explosive

So for all its strenghts it has a lot to hold it back as well. If you are mobbing many pistols can take out trash mobs in 1-2 shots costing 1-2 bullets and even if the DPUH one shots an enemy that one shot is costing 6 bullets. If you miss you miss with 6 ammo gone.

Outside of sal with ammo regen thats a big deal.

The Lady Fist is a better pistol 95% of the time, higher DPS and uses a fraction of the ammo to do the same job.

Other guns that also can do more for less are the Pimpernel, Bekah, Bitch, and I’m sure more that are not at the top of my head right now.

Krieg would like to have a word with you.

In most cases I would agree with you, but with Krieg and Gaige…not so much. The former has no critical boosting skills and the later’s anarchy can really mess up aiming with the LF. On Maya, Sal, and Zer0, it really shines. On Axton, it’s so-so. On Krieg and Gaige…you’re better off jumping on your opponent’s head because you’ll do about the same amount of damage.

Well it also depends what build you use with gaige. I for example have an electric Infinity that does more damage than my haroldine with my Gaige build strictly for shock purposes. I don’t have a Fibber in the shock version but i can imagine that doing a lot of damage.

Looking strictly at skills boosting explosive damage i think only Axton has the skills to boost them but i am not sure.

Critical boosting skills are bad for the lady fist, it has a huge crit bonus already but because of that it has a small base damage so base damage buffs are way better than crit buffs.

Here is a level 50 no acc and matching grip lady fist
3856 damage, 800% crit bonus

3856 x 2 x (1 + 800%) = 69,408

Take a 20% crit bonus on that

3856 x 2 x (1 + 800% + 20%) = 70,950

Now take a 20% base damage bonus

3856 x (1 + 20%) x 2 x (1 + 800%) = 83,289

Base damage wins by a lot, both Krieg and Axton love this gun but I’ll give you gaige she is terrible with it.