Weapon Continuity From Game To Game & Odd Quirks

I know there is a lot to be said about carrying over weapons from Borderlands One to Two, and from Two to the Presequel. I have this one particular thing that has been on my mind recently as a result of developments within the community:

The Tidal Wave vs. TK’s Wave

TK’s wave is a Dahl shotgun, which we don’t have in Borderlands 2, and the projectile type and pattern are fairly consistent, but there’s in regards to the Uncle Teddy story, there’s a big quirk…

There are no Dahl shotguns in Borderlands 2, so it couldn’t be Dahl, but per the echo from Mr. Blake, Hyperion acquired the blueprints for the Wave Rifle, and the reward for turning in the evidence of their dealings with TK is said to be a Hyperion Weapon.

The Tidal Wave is a Jakob’s Shotgun in Borderlands 2.

Soooo… is Jakob’s a subsidiary of Hyperion and we just don’t know it???

Cause you would think based on the story the Tidal Wave would be a Hyperion Shotgun right?

It took me basically three years of playing these games for that to finally dawn on me. But yeah? What’s up with that?

Any other things like that come to mind for anyone else?

Other examples are the Bone Shredder going from Tediore to Bandit or the Cobra Sniper going from Torgue to Jakobs. Kyro’s Power was an explosive Atlas Sniper (red text: Good Touch) with transfusion trails upon striking an enemy and in many ways the precursor to the Chere-Amie which, though not explosive, comes in all elements.

It would be cool to get insight into the process of bringing these weapon concepts back and how it evolved over time.