Weapon damage changes from game launch to game launch

Recently, I thought I was mistaken about the weapon damages changing on my guns. Then I bought an amazing level 19 shotgun out of the machine by Crazy Earl that did 508 damage and 1175 DMG/S shock. The next time I logged in, it was 207 and 185DMG/S shock. Yes, I was ticked! Then on another opening of the game it was back to 508. Through subsequent game launches, it would drop back down to the 207 and has stayed there. The second one is a Wolfhound SMG that that was 104 x 2 and 131 DMG/S fire. Now, through the last 5 game launches it has bounced between the 104 x 2 and is now 94 x2 and 118 DMG/S fire. WHAT THE ACTUAL FFFFFFFFF*******K is going on? If this is Gearbox playing this dumbass “balancing” crap that Ubisoft does with R6 Siege, then they can shove that and their game!

It feels like updates are uninstalling themselves… I noticed the same thing with my guns: Torgue shotguns reverting to pre-nerf damage, and coming back to post-nerf damage after applying update when prompted to do so.

Well, why in the hell are they nurfing a game that is non-competitive? Why does Gearbox think it’s necessary to screw with the game mechanics AFTER it has been released? I do not like this one bit and I would like to bend the ear of someone at Gearbox about this. This is one of the reasons I’ve stopped playing R6 Siege for crying out loud!

Hey Gearbox! How about you fix the mountain of damn bugs in the game before you worry about how much damage the weapons are doing?!

I believe alien barrel guns were nerfed in a hotfix and there was a day one hotfix to fix some things day one.

Its possible for the hotfix to not apply when you load in if you load too fast or if an internet issue is there.