Weapon Damage Randomly Changing

So I found this bad ass shotgun on Saturday, melts enemies pretty easy on Normal / M3. I haven’t played through TVM yet. Running Moze on PC.

Yesterday I load up the game, and this shotgun, along with a Maliwan one with elemental damage were nerfed to hell. I tried different mayhem modes, TVM, etc. Then, on one random game restart, the weapon damage was back to original. WTF??? Restart the game again, nerfed. Restart again, back to normal. It seems to be completely random, sometimes when I start the game its nerfed, sometimes its not.

I put the gun up in the display case and same thing happens, changes values at random game restarts. The screen shots are from the display case. I haven’t heard of this bug yet, but its by far the most annoying one I’ve come across yet.

Is one Screenshot of a mayhem modifier boosting it, while the other is a modifier nerfing it?

There were some changes made to shotguns in some hotfixes in particular this one :
E-Tech shotgun elemental damage has been reduced from “flesh off your bones” to “a lot”. during a hotfix on [9/19/2019].
So being offline or online may affect them :slight_smile:
To expand a hotfix applies if you wait in the main menu.So if you are rushing it,it obviously doesn’t apply the hotfix.

Maybe someone that has more experience with offline/online changes will correct me but I think this is the difference.

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As Prodigy mentioned, the stats will change depending on whether or not you have the most recent hotfix applied when you load the game. Being offline, or spamming through the title/load character screen too quickly will not apply the hotfix even if you are connected to the Internet.

The next downloadable patch will make the changes permanent. The nerfed damage shotgun is the online (or hotfix-applied) version and you should take that into account for the next major patch when it will become permanent whether or not you’re online.

Thanks for the info. Boggles my mind why they would nerf the guns THAT much. 85% reduction on DOT damage, how was it that high in the first place? Oh, that’s right, we’re the beta testers.

Also boggles my mind how hot fixes aren’t permanently applied. Add it to the list I guess.

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because hotfixes allows them to do balance far quicker and more regularly than a patch would (atleast for consoles.) based on player feedback. also, if you don’t agree with their changes you can play offline, so that’s good too right? i’ve been pretty vocal against nerfs around 'ere for the past couple of days, but when it comes to this one in perticular, i’m pretty ok with it :stuck_out_tongue: nearly 20k dot damage when most other have max, 3-4k? yeee. also, it’s was most likely a bug that happend when alien barrel were applied to shotguns more than anything. i don’t think they inteded for them to be 5x better than everything else.

bugs like these should technically be easy to spot and eliminated before release but well, think about it this way. how many testers do you think they have? let’s say, 30 testers, 8 hours a day for a year. that’s 62k hours. now imagine 5 million people play the game on release day. well, you get the point…

these people are most likely being told what to focus test. balance, stats on weapons etc aren’t priority i’d imagine.

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1 minute I’ve got the most OP gun for my siren. After my game froze and I reset it. It was stuck with these other stats. I have video of me using it, and it was a 4 round burst with a mag size of 16. Now it shoots 1 lame round…

This is mostly likely, like the other guy said, u spammed through the start menu and didnt wait until the hotfix applied sign is up in the background

It’s not just the shotgun though, my night Hawkin weapons are doing the same thing.

And that could very well be the same reason - check the last couple of hotfix notes. None of those buffs will be applied if you don’t have the hotfix properly loaded before you launch in to a session.

the Nighthawkin performs differently when it’s night…

yes i know it changes the element but does it change the dmg numbers as well?

Yes the x3 on dmg depends on time of day.

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oooh okay. good to know. ty C:

I didn’t spam mine and my weapon decreased significantly! Is this something that just happens. It’s done this to two of my shotguns.