Weapon de-construction / Customisation

Hey there fellow Vault Hunters!

I’ve been making a huge quality of life list within the forums but there is one thing that’s been on my mind for ages that 100% deserves it own post.

I’m of course referring to weapon customisation.

Now this is a big one because part of the fun of borderlands and something that keeps you coming back is that RNG style of the guns and I think i’ve come up with a solution that not only protects that but also adds to it and opens it up to some really interesting.

Now one of my favourite features in Borderlands 3 is the way you acquire parts for the Catch-a-ride system, being able to find vehicles in the world and deconstruct them to gain their parts. The weapon de-constructor would be a similar thing, you would bring guns you don’t need or want anymore and feed them into the machine, and in return you would gain access to the attachments that are on that weapon.

However! It is to be noted that the attachments you get from the machine only work on guns that have the same name.

For example a Tamed Hyena’s accessories would only work on other Hyena weapons. It’s the same with legendaries; an Artic Tamed Night Hawkin’s accessories would only work on other Night Hawkin Guns.

  • This simplifies the process and means that you can’t equip accessories to weapons that wouldn’t typically have them in a world spawn.

  • You will be able to equip as many accessories onto the weapons as you want as long as they do not clash with others, and it will cost you credits dependant on the level of the weapon.

  • Anointed bonuses will also be available for deconstruction but will be available for any weapon in the same class (SMG, Sniper etc) - These will cost a sum of Eridium to apply (400+ dependant on the bonus)

  • When a weapon has been customised it will gain a silver two-tone colour over whatever rarity it originally was so that you can identify that it is customised in your inventory.

  • You’ll be able to see when a weapon has a parts you don’t currently have on their stats pop-up, to make thing easier when looting.

I think the ability to customise your weapons in this way would be something that really adds to the game, but also means that once you start grinding the higher levels you actually feel more excited to find weapons you already have, because maybe they have that sight you want, or a barrel mod you haven’t unlocked yet. Not only that but it allows you to push weapons to a higher tier and also mix and match parts to suit your play-style.

I’d love to hear thoughts, feedback and any questions anyone has about this and I’ll respond as soon as I can!


I had a similar thought, the amount of legendaries in this game I walk past or sell at the first vending machine is absurd. Having a way to use those items to get the guns I really want would do a lot for replay and endgame experience.

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I understand how tempting it is, and i also like customizable weapons like fallout 4 for example, BUT, asking for this in borderlands its like asking for battle royale and a zombie modification, borderlands is unique and you are asking for it to be the same as any other game out there, if all this is added its going to end up being a survival zombie game like 99% of the games. So yeah, please dont add craftables, not even consumables, nothing, the game is about grind and rng, loot at its finest.


I appreciate your input @Imyo, this system is not like most weapon customisation systems in other games. The RNG and grind is a big part of the way that it works, it allows you to be rewarded when receiving the same weapons over and over again.

I think it’s important to allow players to spend time building up their library of customisation options for each weapon variant, allowing people to frankenstien together their ideal weapon from the remnants of the other duplicates that they have picked up.

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That’s not loot at its finest, that’s loot at its most basic.

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I’m generally in favor but limit replacements parts to one part. Change one part then only that part can be changed permanently for the individual weapon, similar to Diablo 3 and The Division 2. I loved D3 post RoS and this was one of the few aspects of The Division 2 I liked.


Sounds great for me. I am getting tired of legendary weapons with special effects, and
getting more fond of searching regular guns fit to my taste. Having the option of gun tuning and testing on outfield will lengthen the playability for me, greatly.