Weapon dropped over cliff - can I get it back?

Right, so, this just happened … I was knocked off a cliff in the exact moment I was reloading my Crit, and, yes, it chose that particular reload to drop out of my hands. So now, after respawing, I can see it there, and can even get juuust close enough to it that the icon pops up. But one step closer and I die. I don’t have the console or any cheat-stuff activated, and I assume if I quit to do so, my lovely weapon will disappear forever. Any solution, or am I doomed?

Did you try crouching? Only other thought is to see if you can grab it while falling past it, but I’ve not had too much luck with that myself.

$24,000 crouch - nope. It’s on a sort of plateau, so I don’t fall past it - I need longer arms, or a vacuum cleaner.

You’re doomed I’m afraid.

Chalk it up to learning experience. The Crit is a fabulous gun that requires practicing very specific spatial awareness. Every time I use it I make sure that I’m positioning myself appropriately. I lost my first one, and years later I still haven’t lost a second.

Oh well, then doomed I shall be. Doesn’t seem quite so dramatic in the morning. Maybe I’ll try to get a new one with another character. Maybe not. Thanks for the replies.