Weapon Drops for mayhem Levels

I read on here the other day that all the loot pools for the new Mayhem Levels are populated with all the versions of the previous Mayhem Level guns. So if you’re playing on MM10 and you get the Lob that it has a chance to drop a Lob that would drop at MM1-9 as well as the MM10 version?

Is this true? If so, that’s a hard kick right up the butt!

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game is a broken mess now.

That’s about as stupid as stupid gets. I mean is it a bug or is gbx intentionally bending us over?

probably a bug AND gbx intentionally keeping us in the dark…

i don’t know why i was hyped for mayhem 2.0… i knew this would happen…

BL3 has been a shitstorm of bugs and crap since launch… GB just keeps trowing ■■■■ at the wall to see what sticks

Worse, you can’t even tell at a glance because there is nothing on the item card to indicate Mayhem level.

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This bugs the piss out of me. How simple would it have been to just put in the description card what mm level it came from.

It makes me wonder if the loot thing is intentional and they didn’t put the level on the description card so we wouldn’t find out quicker.


compared to old M4 the item score is increased with 10…

item score is a piece of ■■■■ though… doesn’t make any sense…

That was my exact thoughts when I posted this HOURS after the update dropped on my original post about this “issue”. LOL