Weapon effects filling up the screen

It’s just me or do anyone else gets annoyed about to much weapon effects when shooting?
For an example: just say that you have a lucians call and shoot for say an anointed enemy in the head(crits) and really fast the whole screen is covered with beams and effects… so after a second or 2 you can’t see where to aim anymore…
I would love to have an option to change the amount of effects from Weapon like : low/medium/normal etc etc…


Badass Zealots with their rocket spam are burning my retina.


So do I brother … So do I.

They really need an option to turn of those, that and screen shaking. It’s a joke that some mob are actually endangering you through color spamming


This has become a bit of an issue the last time I played. I was with other fully decked out vault hunters and fudge was the eye pollution just insane.


when I play public online, I have 2 sets of gear… regular guns, and splash/flakker/hexes. If the team I’m playing with aren’t flakking things to oblivion, I use my regular dahl/vladof AR/SMGs, but when the party starts off flakking and hexing, I just turn off sound, turn on some chill bg music, and flakk at whatever everyone else is flaking because I literally cannot see or hear anything.


Borderlands has always had a lot of splash effects, the problem with 3 is only the fire rate. There’s no moderation to it like in previous installments…

That and even though mantling and sliding were introduced so much of the combat in this game is enclosed spaces. There’s really no point in getting a sniper simply because combat is 98% in your face anyways.

Either less spam or some more space to fight in would help a lot. Both would be best overall honestly.