Weapon Emporium Now Open!

!!!Weapon Emporium Now Open!!!

The Borderlands 3 weapon emporium is now officially back online and open. This was created for fans of the game who enjoy collecting, trading, and helping out the community back in BL1 and BL2.


How it works:

Phase 1:

Going to attempt to slowly open the flood gates to up the collection with those that have something to add to the collection first. So please make sure to check the “Wanted” gallery of what I’m currently looking for. This is mainly to test more builds and continue in progress.

If you have something that’s better, I’m missing, or if your after something you can’t find, let me know via the communications listed below.

Should you wish to contribute, just send the item via in game mail. If you could, also add a message of what the item is I’m lacking that you sent. I’d like to give those that help an honorable mention by placing their name on the site for helping.

Phase 2:

My thought is to help the community and trade free guns to those that need help.

Going to start once a week. Current plan will be Friday or Sunday eve, to help with those with a job to get what they are after. I’m in CST time zone in order to help coordinate time. This will be done while on stream - all I would want in return is a follow. I’m normally streaming 6-8 hours minimum per stream. Should this be successful, and have a following. I’ll increase the days. Otherwise I’ll shut it down.

Mixer Profile:


The current count of my online collection is 480+ items and growing by the day.

These items are items I’ve used for builds, used in general, found to be more favorable for end game. I have more items (50+ characters) available if your after something different posted, I may have it.

Collection Link:


I’ve also created a Xbox Club named “Borderlands 3 Weapon Emporium” for communication with the group and myself. Specifically when I’m not streaming, when streaming please contact me via stream.

Everyone is accepted, please post your items and wants there.

Remember to share, follow, and enjoy.

Xbox GT: APaleWhiteHorse


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I have a number of unclaimed items currently in a post called “FREE (ish) stuff!” that I would be happy to donate to this cause if you have the space for 'em! Not exactly hot ticket items but could be useful to newer players or the right player.

Thanks Dave, If its something I’m lacking send it over. Just please check the list on the site first. to prevent duplicates.

Ill be doing what I can, currently online and streaming to test things out atm. Playing with friends killing time.

Thanks again

I’ll check as soon as I can. Also, kudos on the web design! Very nice .

Would you be willing to trade the fire crossroads with the anointment “ On action skill end weapon damage is increased by 100%” for a fire binary mocking cutsman with the same anointment.

Will be back on and at it today at Noon cst.

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Hey man, I got list of some good stuff I got. Check it out and let me know if you see anything you want and I’d be down to trade or hook you up.

What do you want for the mirvtacular radiation hex,the atom balm deathless and the vindicator ghast call?

I have a electric fasior and a Rowan’s call cryo Lucians a bunch of lasersploader I’ll send your way it would be great if I could get one of those bekahs whichever has the lower magnification scope and a hive gamertag doogsz

I can add u tn. Really want to trade for some of ur items, as well as give u some items. Have some self terror quasars and roided ghast calls i cant get rid of

Hey man, I’m experimenting with a Zane build and I’d like that Fire Protuberance, the It’s Piss with regen 1 nade on ASE, and the Rerouter that regens health.
Here’s a link to everything I own: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nQosnnAvHljFDVbEpqOuJzq7duOcTxMvY7QxwpfzR1o/edit?usp=sharing

Just let me know if anything catches your eye.