Weapon farming and unrespawning bosses

(Tev2809) #1

I really like the pre-sequel but i think the bosses should respawn like in bl1 and 2 to let us farm the legendary weapons.So we could play a little more after we finish the game and it would make the game much better.And maybe the programmers should add more raid bosses and more than only one story DLC.

(Where's lucky?) #2

they are working on it

(Brian with an I) #3

I just said in another post that you have to make your own fun. For me it’s been character builds. Flak-Trap and Suicide Jack are more fun than any other build I’ve come across through 15 playable characters.


Making builds and experementing with new guns IS fun. But it would be more fun if we had something to test said guns and builds on.

The holodome badass round is a possibility, but ideally we’d have some bosses or good mobbing maps. I think this is the major gripe people have with TPS. And respawning minibosses is a great step in the right direction.

(Brian with an I) #5

The Super Mario room is a great mob testing ground. Full of enemies, ammo, and chests


Its not that impressive when you compare it to;
Southpaw steam and power
Arid nexus badlands
The forest
Digistruct peak

I want variety, I want enemy density, and I want a big chunky miniboss somewhere along the map.

(Brian with an I) #7

In my gaming experience nothing compares to Digistruct Peak.



Absolutely agree. I still play it whenever one of my bl2 buddies comes online. And it’s still very enjoyable even after what must be close to 100 runs.

(Brian with an I) #9

My release day 360 just died on me this past July and I replaced it with a PS3 (because REASONS!)

One week later I missed Digistruct Peak so badly that I bought the BL2 GOTY