Weapon Farming in BL2

I didn’t really farm for items before until now that I got several characters to Level 72 - Krieg, Axton, Salvador. Still working on my level 55 Maya and once I get her to 72 I’ll work on both Zer0 and Gaige.

WIth regards to the Kitten Assault Rifle, I was just wondering. I’ve been reading on forums and from videos that I’ve watched, most people go for Swift Kitten (of every element). I know it’s quite hard (or maybe even impossible to get the perfect parts) but i don’t really mind that. I was just curious, what are the chances of getting a swift kitten from Moxxi? I don’t want to use gibbed so I just reset the game everytime but I’ve never seen her give me a swift kitten. It’s usually sapping, ferocious, rabid, hot, corrosive, slag.

I was just trying to get one of every element of the kitten and so far I have Corrosive and Rabid. Working on a slag and shock kitten.

Hopefully someone can explain this to me properly as I’m totally confused with how people get certain items pretty easy.

Thanks in advance!

Swift is the bullet speed prefix, I don’t really know why people would prefer that on a high-velocity weapon, especially one that’s so inaccurate at mid-long range. I’d recommend a Ferocious (damage) or Rabid (fire rate) prefix, although the latter has detrimental effects on the already poor accuracy.

As for how people get them, it’s all RNG. The prefixes Hot, Sapping, Corrosive and Slag mean the weapon has no accessory, so the elemental capacitor is used as the prefix instead. More often than not, unique weapons tend to spawn without an accessory, I learned this the hard way when farming for the Gwen’s Head. RNG is never in your favour :frowning:

People gets things easy for a couple of reasons. One is the dreaded G and the other is swapping. Dash boarding for the right parts can be a very long and boring process, so unless you using it for very specific reasons, don’t waste to much of your time. This game like many will always have the ELITE side, and Best in Slot…but sometimes you can just use what you want. I’ve used the gear i pick up since the HC dropped and have no problems at all.

It’s nice to get the best drops, however :smile:

p.s. I normally go for matching grip and element, after that it’s pure luck.

Does anyone know if there was a new patch after updating my handsome jack collection on my Xbox 1 I can barely get the farmable bosses to drop legendaries anymore. For instance I can usually get 8 to 10 Harolds from savage lee in about 30 reloads. And get warrior to drop several guns like conference call and bunker to drop sham and bitch. Now I have been farming for about a week 100’s of reloads and many hours and maybe got 4 harolds and that’s all and 0 bee sheilds period where’s hunter drops one every other reload. Anyone know of a new patch that stopped it