Weapon/ Gear Trading Xbox One

Hi All,

I have recently leveled up my Axton to 72 after purchasing the handsome collection and was wanting to know if anyone is interested in trading still? I am struggling to get the Ogre and all help/ advice/ trade (to make it easier) is welcome.

My GT: barbrouge391

Thanks again

Moved to the trade section…

Thank-you, I am new to forums.

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Message me on xbox one dude i mite b able 2 help u out with dat 1 like gt gra5er1

I’m interested if you still need Level 72 gear. I’m on XBOX One, have 5 orange / pearlescent level 72s. HOWEVER, I also have enough torgue tokens and seraph crystals to buy the items of the day out of your Torgue vending machine & seraph vendor. GT: TWO Valjean

I think this needs resurrecting for Xbox One users to trade gear.

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Need an op8 fibber. Will trade any weapon/shield; just ask

Gear I have that i’ll never use (if someone wants it, i’ll keep them until Weekend, if no interest by then i’ll just sell them)

OP8 Nifed Sawbar - I don’t know which parts are fixed so i’ll list it all: Jakobs barrel, Bandit grip, Vladof sight

OP6 Quality Avenger (no element) - Bandit Stock, everything else Tediore

72 derp Tunguska - Bandit barrel and exhaust, Maliwan grip, Tediore sight.

OP6 Guileless Hellfire - Maliwan sight, Hyperion stock and grip

OP6 Rabid Shredifier (no element) - Torgue grip, Dahl stock, Jakobs sight.

OP6 Purging Infinity (no element) - Jakobs grip and sight.

Giving these away, no need for trading.

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Bandit Grip I’d like it. I have several sawbars but don’t think I have a Nifed, with matching grip.

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Sure, i’ll dig around for it (it’s been passed to a mule since I posted this).

Edit: @Kurtdawg13 here it is

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Nice. liking that. Awesome! lets meet up for some gifting. you to me. Do you want anything for it?

I have a matching grip Potent Rubi Incendiary? not bladed for your Krieg, but it’s incendiary!

Nah, you can just have it. As I understand it, by the time we’re done you’ll have more than paid me back with all the help :slight_smile:

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