Weapon handling

what exactly means “weapon handling” in the weapons card.
I’m not going to guess. i have payd for game and thats why expect the exact answer from the creators.


I think it effects the “wobbling” of your crosshair

In 2, the secondary “unlisted” stats were things like recoil, recoil recovery and weapon sway that were affected by the various manufacturer parts. Rather than leave them off again they apparently decided to bundle all that under the term Handling.

Can we get the answer?
Not guessing?
from devs!!!
is that a fcking secret?!???


Calm down dudr

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At this point I’m convinced no one knows. Plenty of guesses though. My guess is that it governs the drifting stat on your vehicle.

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Yes, it is a secret, because these devs do not communicate. They write crappy skill descriptions, hide durations and add stats and effects without telling players how they work. Then top it off with a crapload of bugs.

Did you know that you can’t damage things that you’re not looking at?

Anyway, from what I’ve heard, handling affects the sway of the weapon while you aim. Accuracy on the other hand should affect the bullet spread when you shoot. Recoil is, well, the recoil. At least this is what I believe the three accuracy stats do for you.


Same problem
And in the previous border there is an option in the menu that ‘Help’ and it is tell every meanings if you dont know something!
I miss this from the three or i dont know
I would like it that let the developers reveal more about the game

You know you could test this yourself.

Amara has a tier 1 skill called Steady Hands which increases weapon handling up to 42%.

From my experience with using this skill, it decreases sway and recoil, improves recoil recovery, and boosts ADS speed. Could also reduce flinch from taking damage while in ADS, but not sure on that one.