{Weapon} Infection - Robot Hell (feat. Trickster Maya)

Having fun again rampaging around the Borderlands, so thought I would actually do a Weapon & Class Build as there is a lot of new people still getting this game, especially new gen consoles and steam prices are delicious.

So, Robot Hell, or at least for those Hyperion dooshbags…is called the “Infection”, which can be obtained from Hammerlocks DLC, or someone who is very nice and wants to give you one…ooh er.

A Seraph pistol that doesn’t have high base damage, but makes up for it in Damage Over Time. The build also focuses on using Ruin and the ‘Antagonist’ Shield for slag & damage reduction and Cloud Kill to create an insane amount of Corrosive DoT damage.

Trickster COM - Choose which ever trickster COM you prefer, it’s not so important and may depend on how you play and what you combine in shield or how you distribute certain skill points.

Any Grenade will do, slag, electric or corrosive. Can be changed depending on what you have. I use the Chain Lightning nearly all the time, mainly to take down any shields and it regenerates.

Relic needs to be Corrosive for pure awesomeness in the elemental damage, reasons.

Shield is either Antagonist or Sham. Could be changed for a few others, but these two are IMO the most effective in any bullet dodging environment.

Why I love this build and how it works: (mobbing focused build)

Chain Reaction - Bullets bounce around off enemies onto other enemies, huge boost in crowd damage.
Kinetic Reflection - Kill Skill that reduces your damage taken and sends bullets flying back at the enemy.
Life Tap - Without using a Moxxi weapon, this is extra healing after a Kill, great in crowds

Ruin with Converge - Groups enemies, knocks enemies off balance, slags, electrocutes and corrodes. Synergy with Chain Reaction and Elated - it’s super badass (add Helios for some firey bits).
Cloud Kill - Massive boost to the Corrosive elemental damage in a small area. Not good against fast movers though.

Elated, Sustenance and Life Tap for big healing - Excellent solo (Elated for co-op)
Inertia - Kill Skill that keeps the shield regenerating - can be a life saver. Also adds reload speed.

Accelerate, Wreck, Minds Eye and Reaper - Pure damage boosters whilst mobbing
Quicken - Cool down for phaselock. Not essential, more personal preference. IMO needed.

This mobbing setup turns Maya into a solo elemental powerhouse, with great ‘stay alive’ qualities and awesome crowd control. If you play co-op you’d have to think what skills could be more desirable, and for more bandit focused areas you may change the top half of Cataclysm.

You may also want to change out the lower half of HARMONY for additional MOTION skills, particularly if using a Moxxi weapon. So open to change.

You can carry a Shock, Fire and Corrosive weapon, and change Relic if and when more appropriate. You’ll see in the video I don’t change weapon, just use the Infection. In Bandit areas you may have to quick change to deal with things like Armoured Maniacs, or stick a Spike Shield on for animal areas. So it’s solid and very flexible in many areas.

(Video - Washburn Refinery ‘Annihilation’)

Hope you enjoy, and some of the newer community members find it useful in the ways of the Siren force :smile:

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Have you tried with a Witch COM ?

The increase to corrode damage is very noticeable, so it’s about equivalent to the extra points you would have in lifetap (a smaller percentage of a bigger number…that evens out) And you still get kinetic reflection. You do lose the bonus to chain reaction but gain a LOT of damage.

That’s a good point, but generally I only ever carry 4 or 5 COMs. Not sure I’ve even come across a decent Witch yet. Too much time away from the game, never even gave it a thought. Thanks for pointing it out, will keep my eye open for one. Since restarting on the PS4 I only got Maya to 72 then had a break, but now back in full playing mode…again :smile:

Ok: Found a nice Witch COM, ran Washburn loads again, and frankly it’s hard to tell the difference. Reason, Cloud Kill is so harcore! CK does 3.5M on slagged enemy, so even if you just one shot them with a slag weapon, they melt. Not only that but rebounding bullets proc it too. I ran I with the Corrosive Rubi and just walked around literally invincible. The Antagonist is now by far my favourite shield, and part of my ultimate Legendary Badass Maya build. I never appreciated it when TT first came out, but with this build on Maya its incredible. Equip Leg COM, move points from Quicken: 1>Ward, 1>Inertia, 2>LTap

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