Weapon info wrong?

Question of anyone else is having this issue. Me and my co-op bud are playing on M7. I’ll find a weapon like ruby’s wrath with it laying on map before I pick it up damage show (example not exact) 12500x9 but whenever I pick it up and in my inventory it will show 7700x8 instead…? Wth

Is anyone else seeing this issue.

Not noticed that happening but will have a look.

We talking world drops or something your buddy tosses on the ground?

Are you playing in Cooperation or Coopetition mode?

Hmm,probably that happened to me too. I was playing on m10 and I also found an rubys wrath with amara with 17k x 7 ASE 125 splash and I kept it for flak. Later on flak I wanted to test it but it had only 11k x 7, when I took it out of my safe. I thought it was my fault and sold it. Sounds like a bug to me.

I’m just looking at Ruby’s Wrath for consistancy farming Warden, so far just seen 1 underlevelled for M10 at 7k x 7 picked it up and was same damage, dropped it still same. Will report what happens if I see a proper M10.

Cooperation I believe. He was hosting so that’s what we usually play.
Just weird. It was during the loot event for desolations edge. Other than that I hadn’t had no issues

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