Weapon Level 70 while playing alone


I have a Questtion.

If i play alone. Can i find level 70 Weapons ? or i need one more Player to find level 70 Weapons ? because iam level 70 but i get only level 69 Loot.

maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:

You’ll get drops from level 68-70, regardless of if you’re playing with others or alone. (Unfortunate that it’s not all level-locked for single player, but that’s the way the game is.)

Stuff in the golden chest should all be level 70 for you, though, and you can grind anything you don’t like. You should also be able to get level 70 stuff from the vendors.

Yes, but not all the time as VaultHunter101 says

depending on the other players levels, the vendors would have items to match (level or +/- 1 level) all players.

just RNG, happens to me all the time