Weapon Leveling Points

Here is a quick idea. A lot of players are a little bummed because they have their perfect Level 50 anointed gun and they are worried that they will never get it again in 53 or future caps.

How about a system where you can gain gear upgrade points and once you have enough you can spend them on leveling up a piece of gear in you backpack? Make not too easy so that there is still a big challenge to get enough points.

Anyone like this idea?

Sorry to break the news but the Devs have said multiple times no form of gear levelling is going to happen on Borderlands.

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Farming is the name of the game and drop rates are better then any any game previously so no form of weapon leveling is gonna happen. Its a nice thought for some but it is completely against borderlands whole theme. So in other words, deal with it or don’t. Stop playing until level cap is done going up if you must but gearbox is never going to give players the ability to level their weapons up…

I think a better move would be to be able to narrow down RNG for a short time via eridium. This would be most useful for annointments. The hardest part of replacing older gear is finding the right annointment on a similar version of your favorite weapon. It is possible to see hundreds of the same weapon and none be a good replacement.

A system like this would still require farming for new gear, but help ease the frustration when looking for a very specific item.