Weapon Loophole?

I have a friend currently playing Gaige (which has now got me playing, despite Maya at OP3 and Axton/Krieg at 60) and he was mentioning that he has found his little trick to get around Anarchy

He has done NVHM, and I think almost, if not already, finished TVHM, and pretty sure he has Pre-Shrunk Cyberpunk, so plenty of Anarchy stacks

So anyway, he says he is using a Homing Dart gun, completely bypassing the need for accuracy, whilst getting the complete damage from Anarchy, and is wrecking face.

I haven’t had a chance to read the Top Gear Thread for Gaige, but are these homing Dart guns a Loophole? I am guessing it’s kinda well know already, but I see people always go on about the usual suspects of DPUH/Pimpernel etc, whe Homing Dart guns seem to do exactly what you need to do, and can be kind of easy to get regularly,

As I said, not sure on his level, but his dart gun is at least 10 levels below him currently, and still going strong.

Anyway, thought I would share.

What I always notice is, dart pistols will always home in on target when ADS. Without ADS, the bullets have limited range to seek targets. Need more testing though. But indeed they are strong with anarchy. Well, almost anything is strong with anarchy.

However, there is one gun named Wanderlust which will get a target no matter where it is on the map and how far it is from you (normal dart would explode after certain distance IIRC). Wanderlust is a pearl and it is not worth getting just for the homing ability.

A dart gun worth getting though is the Dahlminator, which you can get if you pick up the Lost Treasure side mission while in Sawtooth Cauldron. I used it with Gaige while doing the Hyperion Slaughter dome in TVHM and was able to hit targets on the other side of the arena (as long as you ADS that is). She was the only character to finish off that slaughter dome w/o dying- something that I’m still a bit proud of…:blush:

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Krieg is the only character I have really attempted the Arena Fights solo with, and in NVHM I finished them all, but I cannot say I never died :slight_smile:

Looks like I will be playing Gaige for a good while (Is it sad that I leave the game paused while I go to work, so I don’t lose my 150 stacks of Anarchy??)

Yes, anything with homing projectiles essentially negates the downside to Anarchy stacks, I’ve very much liked the few Darts and Dahlminator that I’ve used with my Gaige (she is finished with DLC1 NVHM).

There are a lot of guns with rococheting bullets that can bypass the Close Enough penalty, being a lot more worth than Darts in general. Take a look at the top gear!

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