Weapon Manifactuer Tier List

  1. S Tier:


  1. A+ Tier:


  1. A Tier:


  1. B Tier
  • COV
  • Hyperion
  1. C Tier


  1. D Tier
  • Melee
  • Harsh Language
  1. F Tier
  • Maliwan: WTF were they thinking?

Thank god tier lists are subjective :grinning:

Vladof is S tier for moze

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Maliwan isn’t that bad. Some of the SMGs rip stuff up. Probably at least B Tier. I would replace Hyperion with Dahl because their shotguns are ridiculous. Atlas should be in B tier as well, I thought they weren’t good at first but after some experimenting, they aren’t terrible.

S: Jakobs
A+: Tourge
A: Vladof, Hyperion
B: Dahl, COV, Atlas, Maliwan
F: Tediore

I feel like this should really get broken into Gun Type Manufacturer List. I have a Hyperion SMG Legendary that absolutely SHREDS enemies. It’s really difficult to say on a whole which gun company beats out the others.

Like I’ve found myself not really enjoying Jakobs too much since I’ve mostly gotten Jakobs ARs and not auto ARs I’m not a huge fan of. May as well be a SR at that point.

I’d be super interested to see some lists of how people feel about manufacturers based on the gun types. :slight_smile:

Do you have any reasoning for the list you’ve created? I’d enjoy reading that.

The thing that keeps Vladof from S tier status is the special perk really isnt that good unless you get the 2nd barrel that increases fire rate. Shotgun and Grenade launcher…meh. The Bipod will get you killed since it makes you move slower.

I think its interesting that the best Vladof gun the Lyuda doesnt even have a secondary fire. And I’m a Moze main and I love Vladof.

Faisor and lucians call are both great. The shotgun mode on faisors are awesome. I run a 2 faisors (one corrosive, 1 fire) and 1 Cryo lucians call. Using fire lyuda for bosses.

My other weapon of choice would be the Butcher.

If you want to make an individual gun tier list…be my guess. I’m looking at things as a whole. A tier is not bad, I d rather be A tier than S tier bc S tier are the prime candidates for the nerf hammer.

The only issue is a generic overall tierlist isn’t exactly accurate in the grand scheme of things, due to 4 classes. For example torgue shotguns will always be insane for fl4k. While as torgue shotguns are good for moze, however, she will never reach the same power as fl4k will. Amara and Zane don’t even come close to the strength of fl4k/moze with Torgue.

You’ll probably need to make a tier for each class.

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That’s why I dont do it based on characters because all guns are S tier with Fl4k.

jacobs revolvers with FL4K. hahahahhaha, everything dies.