Weapon Modifications, can we add these please Gearbox?

Weapons in Borderlands have been “part based” for a long time, but this time around for Borderlands 3 you took it a step farther. It would be SUPER AWESOME if we could modify our weapons with parts so we can change a sight, or change the magazine size, or add or remove elemental modifiers.

It really wouldn’t matter (much) if we had to harvest those from existing guns we find, or if they were drops, or if there was a weapon mod vendor, so long as we can change weapons (and possibly other gear). It would be super-duper neat if we were able to change those things in the field so we might be better able to address specific mobs more effectively, and possibly reduce the number of weapons we need to carry with us constantly to address specific mobs, and to effectively deal with Mayhem Modifiers.

It would be an incredible boon for quality of life and add an entirely new dimension to the existing game.

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This has been mentioned a couple times, one time by me too. I think it could add a lot to the game, but would need to have strict requirements and high costs to make it equal, if not take longer, than normal grinding. It could add longevity to the game, and it’s something I personally wanted since the first game. Some people worry about balance, and how this might interrupt the game flow though.


I don’t think it would interrupt balance any more than a person finding a “god roll” would, and it would certainly be less “disruptive” than dupers.

I’ve seen articles written by reviewers commenting on how they feel Gearbox missed the boat just for omitting the ability to interchange gun parts alone. I’m not certain I disagree. Now having played since the launch I feel more strongly that it is a serious missed opportunity and that there is a lot of inherent added value if they were to do so. I have waited to comment until after I had played long enough to decide if it would simply be window dressing, or if there might actually be significant value in it for the community as a whole. (But I too have wished since the days of BL1 to be able to mod some guns.)

Having said this, there are some items that simply wouldn’t be changeable. Some gear comes the way it is. But even for legendaries, if they can drop with different stats (mag size, element, sights) those should and could be interchangeable/upgradeable/potentially switchable. I don’t see why it would need “high costs” or why it should involve any more time and effort than it would to find the items. Finding items, or purchasing items both themselves involve cost, either in time or in currency (or both). If I buy a rifle with a detachable mag, all it costs me to change a ten round magazine for a fifteen round magazine is to purchase the fifteen round mag, (and live in a state where it’s legal). There are completely valid reasons why someone might want fewer rounds as opposed to more. There are builds than can make use of changes that might seem counter-intuitive. I don’t think anyone wants something that creates hardship, or makes things worse than the current situation. My thought is to do something to create better flow, not greater impairment.

Glad to see others are thinking similar thoughts. :smile:

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See, I like that every gun you could customize would be likely to be found from a drop. As for “God roll”, there was discussion that you’d only be able to change a few parts, maybe three, at max on any gun. There was even some suggesting just one part that you could reroll infinitely, but only that part. I like this, either three or one, because it will force you to make a choice as to what is most important to you. And you can always grind to experiment more. In fact, you would probably try out different combinations, which would require plenty of grinding.

But, it should require a decent cost because that way the pace at which you change parts isn’t too fast. I believe it was @kabflash who was the one that said once you get the gun you want, the game is over. This is real end game stuff here, it needs to take time, grinding, and experimenting.

I just see both sides of the argument though. Making guns that fit your playstyle and skills would make a gun feel truly yours. But, that can bring the grind, even the whole game, to an end. So, it should take time for you to truly invest time and work into the gun, and not just be handed it.

(If you want to read my post on the topic, it’s title was “Customizable Weapons! (for real!)”)

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No I don’t think I said that. For me the game is never over because I’m always looking for new builds to make. I’m not at all against having some customizable parts. The topic I did participate in and say I wouldn’t like was the grinder. I don’t want to see gear acquisition turn into a game of camping a vending machine all day.


As many may have already noticed, there currently exists rules for checks and balances that has been built into gear in the game. A plain-jane Ghast Call does more damage and radius than a Cloning Ghast Call. If you were to change a Ghast Call into a Cloning Ghast Call the numbers would inherently change in the resulting modified item. The overall damage it does would increase, but the base numbers would decrease. The same is true with guns that drop without anointed or elemental modifiers. They usually do more damage per round as a trade off. I can see that adding a larger magazine could decrease handling by a percentage, where as adding a higher power scope or sight to a gun might increase it’s accuracy, but because of the added weight could result in a decrease in handling. These numbers already shift between similar weapons with differing hardware and modifiers. I’m sure there are exceptions that must exist, but by in large the developers have already addressed balance issues with the existing roll/drop system. We would only need an interface allowing us to change those things that already exist, and the benefits and detriments inherent to those changes would be reflected before we committed to those changes ensuring we were informed beforehand to the outcomes created by those changes, outside of what actually happens when you then use the modified item.

Huh, weird, I probably read it somewhere else. Sorry about the mix up then. And yeah, i agree, grinding the grinder was just… a real grind. Pun absolutely intended.

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Oh, heck no! I have no idea how many hours I wasted logging out and back in, traveling from vending machine to vending machine in BL1 and BL2 hoping to find a better item, or even offchance on occasions a legendary in the vending machines! I sure don’t want to waste game hours in the vending machine chase yet again!

I’d prefer if progression in the game came from playing it, not from a UI screen.

I’m fine with nudging - some of the stuff Vladof-Guerilla brought up about rerolling only one part (basically Diablo 3 enchantments) or having significant limits to adjusting one thing or another.

But replacing the actual gameplay of killing stuff to get loot with crafting? Nah dawg, that’s a pass from me. Any system that makes the most efficient way to get gear involve staring at a grinder/UI screen instead of killing monsters just doesn’t feel like Borderlands, nor particularly fun, and would likely result in me just quitting the game once I crafted all the stuff I wanted.


I don’t see it would end anything, if you actually care about the game, and especially, far most importantly if the content is compelling enough to continue to play. Would you, as a developer, really want a game where the only reason people will play is to get a piece of gear, and then never use it, because, game over man! I got my gear, there’s zero reason to ever make use of it now!

I believe in Gearbox just enough to think they are looking at people interested in exploring and experiencing Borderlands 3 for a long, long time. Years. Maybe ten years. Maybe longer. Adaptable gear makes better load outs that are better able to deal with changing conditions, something they have created in Borderlands 3 that has never existed due to the Mayhem system. I feel strongly that being able to modify our hard earned gear better enables players interested in a long term commitment to more effectively engage that content with more enjoyment.

Plus, I can tell you of the real satisfaction of customizing real world equipment to work best for you and your needs. I’m certain that would carry over into a game environment as well. It’s a chance for Gearbox to help create a more personal touch for players and engage them emotionally in a way they have only previously addressed with cosmetics, to much fanfare and adulation I might add.

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I agree with this. Either reroll, or maybe select parts but require enough that you might as well just grind for another gun, both with a considerable cost. It should require grinding and actually playing the game either way.

What I mean is once you create the perfect loadout, you get to enjoy it, but you’ll eventually move on as you have nothing more to work for. This is an argument I’veheard saying there should never be any sort of gun customizing. I think that it doesn’t take into account the amount of time I’msaying it should require though. And imagine being able to build your dream loadout for every character and every one of their builds? That should take a long time, because once that’s done, what is next?

I’m not discussing crafting. Far Cry allowed you to change suppressors, magazines and something else I’m forgetting. It took minutes. It allowed you to better address the challenges you faced. It wasn’t some type of mini-game. It was just making what you already had work better for what you faced. Far Cry is not the only game that has allowed these types of changes. Allowing modifications of existing gear wouldn’t prevent you from hunting for anything new. It might even require more hunting for items to modify them with (possibly making the game more grindy, not what I hope for). It would only enable making better use of what you already had. And I firmly believe that would help ease inventory space problems AND create the ability for players to better explore builds and open up possible new avenues of exploring and running content.

If being able to better fight a fight makes a game less enjoyable for you, or you live to be inventory bound and carry dozens of items around in your limited pack space, being able to modify gear is certainly not the choice you want to see Gearbox explore.

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You would want to be able to customize weapons at any time? Without any requirements?

I do imaging that. I imagine being able to go into boss fights knowing I had the very best chance at success with the gear I have, and still possibly being handed my butt (due to a lack of my own personal skill).

I do imagine saying, “I killed Troy 30 times with my Fl4K, I think I got this, but if I can tweak that grenade mod on Moze, can I keep her alive and in the fight?” I do imagine that, and I imagine it would create far more playability and importantly replay-ability than I have previously experienced in Borderlands to date. And I’ve played a lot of Borderlands over the last ten years.

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I imagine requirements. Want more bullets? You need a larger mag. Don’t have it? Then get it. Have it? Then use it, and use it now if you need to. There should be no more reason to involve some costly and oddly convoluted system to change something like a sight or magazine than it does for me to change from chewing gum to chewing a sandwich. Of course, I have to have gum first, and if I want to chew on a sandwich I have to have it, and or the necessary things to make a sandwich first.

The only thing complexity benefits is complexity. It only makes things harder. Making simple things harder does not make those things better, it just makes them more complex and difficult.

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I’m playing a loot game to collect loot. Not dismantle and frankenstein loot I got.

I play the game to get loot, to test myself against content, in which I get more loot, to test myself against more content, treadmill ad nauseum.

Now you want to add a system that short circuits and makes the most efficient way to get the best loot through a UI. You say it’s not crafting, but it 100% is. You are taking parts and crafting a version with the parts you like best. It’s semantics but I see no logistical and conceptual difference in what you’re asking for an a form of crafting - collect parts, go into UI, put stuff together the way you want.

And once that’s the most efficient way to get perfectly rolled loot, nobody can avoid it. That’s now how the game is played.

One of the reasons I love this game is that I can’t get perfect gear or perfect loadouts. I’m forced to prove myself a better player than the game by working with the tools it’s given me. Sometimes those tools are not what I wanted, but that’s okay, because that gives me two gameplay goals - get good with what I have, and farm for what I want.

Every step of the way, the game will give me something good that I didn’t expect, and part of the journey is seeing what I can do with what I have when the game doesn’t give me what I want or expect.

And that’s really what I don’t like about these suggestions and threads. They are so focused on the destination that it completely ignores the journey. I enjoy the journey and I don’t want them to add systems that short circuit that so that everyone can have the exact perfect weapon with the perfect rolls. If people want to cheat, that’s on them, but if crafting perfect weapons becomes the most efficient way to get ideal gear - well, that’s the game now, and it’s not Borderlands to me.

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You know, even if tomorrow we woke up and discovered that exactly the very thing I have described existed, you’d never have to use it. You can still grind every single gun and shield and completely eschew ever changing a part or modifying any of your gear. It would still 100% be YOUR CHOICE of how you used it, or didn’t.

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Oooooooh ■■■■.

Let’s find a happy medium here, compromise can be made. A reroll feature would provide players with the customizations they require, and still keep the challenge and fun of the game.

Tell that to Moze players.

Also, that’s a cop out. If it’s in the game, that’s how the game is played. If it’s most efficient, that’s what people will do. “Just don’t use it” is disingenuous at best, and not an argument.

As I said:

Oh, and also, the flip side to this is that if you really want to craft your own weapons, why don’t you just use Gibbed and stop asking for the devs to add it? If you’re advocating for Gearbox to add a system that you’re expecting people to just not use, then it’s actually just easier for you to make up your own crafting rules and do it yourself, without making the game worse for everyone else.

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Well, we won’t be finding the mediums, or any points between. We’re just players. I have past experience in development and programming as a UI and UX designer, but there’s not a thing I do that will actually change this game. I can only hope that suggestions are considered carefully by Gearbox and that the resulting outcomes, if any, benefit the community the best they can. :smile:

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