Weapon parts ides for BL3

So I was thinking about the next BL and what should be in it. And I think the loot system in BL2 was really good, but there weren’t many rare parts, and most parts on most non-unique weapons didn’t entirely change the weapon, apart from barrels. So my idea is for there to be really rare parts that could spawn on weapons. It would be cool it those parts were differently textured too, like special writing, or an entirely different color (that might look stupid though), and maybe new Manufacturers that only produce parts. Here is a picture of a random sniper rifle I made, the top can thing could be like a lubricant can, for the bolt to get lubricated and move quicker or something.

Drop down your part-related ideas or tell me if you like this one.

Having really rare parts spawn on a weapon might work out okay. However, I don’t realistically see GBX allowing players to modify and swap parts on weapons using some sort of in-game workbench. That would require drastic changes to the way the weapon system has worked, overall, up to this point in the Borderlands series. Also, this could potentially cause an issue with inventory space since all those parts would have to be stored somewhere. Granted, BL3 will likely have a larger character inventory capacity than BL2. But, out of sheer necessity there will still be a capacity limit. On a somewhat related note, I am interested to see how Bethesda’s weapon and armor manufacturing system works out in Fallout IV. Unfortunately, I can’t currently afford a Xbox One or PS4. So, I will have to rely on feedback from other Forum Members and YouTube gameplay videos once Fallout IV releases for an indication of how well that system works / doesn’t work.

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I never said putting your own parts on, that would literally kill Borderlands for me. I think finding a weapon with rare parts would be the most satisfying feeling ever in any game.

Also I know nothing about Fallout, sorry.

Sorry, I took the above to mean that you would be able to find or buy parts from a vendor that only makes parts.

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic (after WWIII) game series (RPG Shooter) that is an alternate take on 1950’s America but with very advanced technology (lasers, robots, nuclear-powered cars, etc.). At this point, China and the USA have nuked each other pretty much to oblivion. About 200 years has passed since then so radiation levels have subsided in most areas. However, as a result of all the radiation there all sorts of mutated creatures (Radscorpions, Deathclaws, Super Mutants, etc.) in addition to human enemy factions. One faction, The Brotherhood of Steel, is all that remains of the US Military. It can be played in either 1st person or 3rd person view. Your actions define you as good or eviI. You can play melee, stealth, guns or a combination. The level cap is 30, and each time you level up you get to choose a new Perk (Skill). I highly recommend Fallout 3 GOTY, which includes all available DLC. One DLC, Mothership Zeta, actually has your character being abducted by Aliens. You have to escape your Alien captors and get back to Earth. It is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Fallout IV will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 in the very near future and will feature a very robust weapons and armor manufacturing system.

Fallout 3 Opening:

Someone did a Fallout 3 Let’s Play on YouTube:

Lastly, the Fallout 4 E3 2015 Reveal:

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I knew it was a post apocalyptic America but thanks for telling me.

The best loot system would be one where you farm multiples of a particular weapon, and then you can swap the parts, element, and accessory to create the perfect version of that particular weapon. That way they can keep farming to be RNG based, but give the player the option of switching out for the desired weapon, and would remove the massive grind for gear.

Example of this for Borderlands 2 would be, say I farmed for the Baby Maker, I do a one hour session and get three of them. One of which has a Bandit grip, the other a Bandit stock and the last the fire element. I could go to Marcus, or Crazy Earl, give that person a sum of Eridium and have the chance of switching the parts around. Therefore, I can get my desired, Bandit grip, Bandit stock, fire element Baby Maker, but I still farmed for it.

I have a very mixed opinion about this. This reminds me of the grinder from pre-sequel. At first it seemed awesome, now I think it is the biggest mistake ever made.

The idea I mentioned is nothing like the grinder, that still had a fair amount of RNG on the final outcome, this idea, does not. Additionally, the grinder was not a terrible idea, it was innovative, a baby step in the right direction so to speak.

I didn’t compare 'em, just meant they both will fail in the end. No offence, just my opinion.

The incorporation of “rare” parts will never happen, that’s a heads up. Also, the grinder never failed, obnoxious people can’t see the way forward of the grinder. That addition alone gave the player the opportunity to shape the outcome of their time investment, albeit it was still random like standard farming, but they could narrow down the results. As I said, a baby step in the right direction.

I should have been more specific, the grinder is good, but relying on it is boring and didn’t do good for an already porly designed small game. Also what makes you so certain about my idea never happening? Do you work for Gearbox? Also there were hybrid weapons in BL1, basically the same thing.

i just want hybrid weapons back

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The player was not forced to rely on anything, plenty of the weapons inside Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel were farm-able, albeit, yes, some of them were not and that is an issue. That being said, the grinder, as I keep saying, is a step in the right direction.

The reasoning for your idea never happening, is because it wouldn’t be enjoyable, the current loot system, which as I said, is completely based off of RNG for parts, element, and accessory is already too random. The addition of rare parts would make that random number even higher, I agree that weapons should be rare, but they should be rare to get, not rare to get perfect. That is why the opportunity of swapping out parts, element, and accessory would be fantastic for the players.

Oh, nope, I do not work for Gearbox, and yes in some ways the hybrids from Borderlands, not Borderlands 1, would be similar to what you are suggesting. There is however one slight difference, in Borderlands, they had specific drops, you’ve said that the “innovative” idea of rare parts in the future Borderlands would be random.

Borderlands 1, I call it that and you aren’t gonna stop me.

Continue to be wrong then, off to play Borderlands.

It’s the first one thought, right?

That is correct, but it was never called “Borderlands 1” nor was Halo called “Halo 1” the game having a sequel does not change the name, period.

You are wrong. Say I was talking to my friend and said “I’m gonna go play COD, or Halo, or Borderlands” Tell me, how is he supposed to know what i’m on about?

The simple answer to that is, get better educated friends. Straight up saying someone is wrong when they are clearly not is obnoxious. Look at the name of the game, it is Borderlands, on Steam it is Borderlands, in console land it is Borderlands, stop being asinine.