Weapon sacrificial table

While in dragon keep I found a weapon sacrificial table and I heard that it’s possible to get a legendary from it. I’ve gotten one legendary but from a badass sorcerer but I haven’t gotten any other chances to get a gun. Does anyone know how it’s possible to get a legendary gun from it? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried.

It’s random - he’ll say something like, “take this rare item” and drop it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one myself, but it appears to be possible. I imagine it’s about the same chances as playing one of Moxxi’s slot machines.

I’ve never had it happen but it could just be super hard to do, despite the claims of some who posted videos of such…

it’s not hard, the rarer the item, the better the chance though. usually.

I usually get, “Take… these chumps!” In terms of items, I think the highest I’ve ever gotten is a blue rarity non-unique.

It’s not a bad way of getting badass sorcerers if you’re trying to get one of their legendary grenade mods though.

I got a conference call off of it.

I usually fill my mule up with junk and myself up with junk, Drop them all at level start, then break/open every container and kill every enemy, then just spend the rest of the time sacrificing everything at the table. It is a GREAT way to get Eridium.

Very random. I got a Maggie while I was chucking every trash loot I got in my backpack. You’re much better farming the handsome sorcerer. While you’re at it, don’t save quit (travel somewhere and go back), let the loot fill the space, take them, toss them all on the table and see what you’ll get. However you will lose the chance at Tiny Tina’s class mods from the mimic chests (they will not reset as you don’t save n quit).

I just dump all the trash I get there, then save/quit. That way the chests, Handsome, and enemies are all respawned. IMO it takes slightly longer than Travel & Return, but yields more items, thus more chances to get goodies.

Additionally there used to be a bug (I don’t remember if it was fixed) but if you stood just right and dropped an item, when you dismissed the menu and the item was actually dropped, you could spam pickup and sometimes get the item back while still getting the effect of the sacrifice.

It’s just me being lazy then lol. I even used Breakneck Banshee to quicken the process (get it? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m terrible, I know)

To think about it, when using Gaige, this is (maybe) the best method to farm the Sorcerer since she will keep her stacks.

Yeah I got a legendary fire grenade but I’m trying to get guns, especially the conference call. I have even tried sacrificing my legendary guns I have but stil no luck

Like EVERYTHING I think the drop tables are skewed by player count. Get a mule and both wear Vault Hunter Relics (might as well stack the deck as much as possible).

They’re skewed in the sense that there are more enemies and a greater chance of higher level enemies who have a better chance of dropping better loot. There may be items in the table loot pool that are tied to player count, since these certainly exist in the world drop loot table for things like ammo and health (as well as modifications for heads, skins, and class mods.) So a mule is good advice, and will also allow you to farm longer before you need to hit the vending machines. The Vault Hunter Relic isn’t going to do much more than give you fewer whites and more greens, though - they way it works does very slightly increase the odds of blue and infinitesimally increase odds of purple or orange, but to actually demonstrate a real difference you’d need to do thousands of runs.

I know, I’m the one that did all the math for it on the wiki. Granted that was before the drop rate increase.

Still though “every little bit helps” type of thing.

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Alright got it

The relic is still better than some of the superstitious things that I’ve heard of people doing to get the drop du jour. Is it involved in the table’s roll for loot though? I thought it was only for calculating loot upon an enemy’s death… the table seems more like rolling a customized slot machine. It might, in which case, it would in theory help with everything (slot machines, chests, skag piles, lockers, etc.), since I’m inclined to think that while these loot sources don’t have the same “paytable”, the mechanism for deciding what to award the player is the same.

Don’t know about the sacrificial table itself, but it obviously would affect the loot dropped by the chumps, badasses, etc. that occasionally get thrown at you as a result.

True! It’s like a second chance at loot in case the table doesn’t drop anything explicitly. :smile:

Alright then I’ll just keep seeing if I can get rates from the chumps and badasses.