Weapon Scaling Conundrum

I am back on Borderlands for a bit of a change of scenery and yes it is good to be back. Still an excellent game.

A question that i have been meaning to ask for years and may well have been answered before on the old forums, hopefully someone is still around that knows the answer regards levels and the relationship to proficiency.

I have finally cracked (yes I am slow) why at level 69 a gun shows 57 when equipped yet a shield for example shows it’s correct level. It is to do with the skill level attained for weapons but does not have the same process for kit.
My question is does anyone know whether it is better to have a level 69 gun with no skill points which seems then only way to make that happen or let the skill level reach its maximum thereby reducing the weapon to 57 when equipped or does the reduction balance the increase in skill level thereby negating any benefit.

Many thanks.

It’s just visual. It doesn’t effect the guns in any way.

From what I remember. It is a glitch that they never fixed. It effects only the guns because there isn’t s proficiency slot for shields or mods.