Weapon scaling issues in Mayhem 10

I’m having some issues with weapon scaling in Mayhem 10. Not just with non meta weapons but with weapons that were supposedly buffed in recent patches.

For context I’m playing the disk version of the game on the PS4 Pro. I do wait for the hotfixes to be applied.

My issues are with almost every gun I pick up on Mayhem 10 underperforming damage wise. This includes in meta guns such as the Lightshow and the Hellwalker. The only guns that actually seem to be effective are oddly enough the Bloody Harvest event weapons. The Fearmonger, the Ghast Call grenade both seem to work fine and do decent damage well balanced for Mayhem 10.

I’ve watched Youtube vids and made builds and it still doesn’t seem to work. The Hellwalker in particular is frustrating because I’ve seen numerous vids showing how powerful the gun is in Mayhem 10 and it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what’s going on. Am I just bad? I’m not the best player and my builds aren’t fully complete. Is anyone else having this problem?

Welcome to the forums. First off what character are you using and what other gear like artifact, shields and mods do currently use? These will make or break a build so give us more detail on what you’re running.

Enemies are supposed to become harder to kill
That’s the idea behind it

I’m playing Moze mostly right now. Max lv with pretty standard meta gear. A plus ultra shield, pearl of ineffable knowledge artifact only lv60. I haven’t really gotten any good anoints on most of my guns because of bloody harvest terror anoints being so frequent and I do wonder if that’s part of the problem. I see vids by some of the big BL tubers like Killer 6 testing the guns like the hellwalker and it seems so great but I don’t know if that’s the base gun or because of some crazy optimized build they have.

Mathem Modifiers may also affect damage as well. What are we looking at?

Anoints matter as well. I haven’t tried Moze with Hellwalker though so not sure how efficient it is.

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Check this out if you havent already

You could go a few different ways depending on your play style but this seems like what i would do. If you’re more into using ironbear i can send another vid. And as lolli42 stated if you just jumped to M10 as soon as you hit 65 it can be overwhelming and enemies are spongy.

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Thanks. Moze is my highest lv character so I do wonder if maybe it’s moze specific. I wasn’t expecting such a difference between her mech damage and gun damage.

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You’re welcome. And yes she has a big gap between him and her. If you build for him she suffers damage and survivability unless someone has an updated build i haven’t seen yet. Shes not really my main so maybe someone else can offer more tips.

I try to avoid most of the immunity modifiers so I get stuff like post mortem and boundary issues. Honestly the modifiers are the most annoying part of trying to test the guns to see how much damage they’re doing.

Can you share some screen shots of your setup, your skill build and gear loadout
you can use the borderlands 3 website to show your allocation.

bl3 moze skill tree

you can either paste the link back after you’ve filled it out or just screen shot each tree.

do you abuse anointed damage or not?

because guns themselvs are not meant to do damage in this game you need working anoint on top of it.

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You need top tier anointments if you want to tear up M10.

Maybe an update? There was issues with shift when this was posted - many of the buffs from the hotfix werent registering rendering much of the current meta to a trash heap

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Shift was down for maintenance so you didn’t have hotfixes applied.

That’s the answer here more than likely.

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I think this is the case, that and my skill tree is more focused on iron bear. I got a decent anointed gun and it’s out performing all of my other guns. It’s called the gargoyle and I got it as a random drop in Bounty of Blood with a consecutive hits anoint. I’m still pretty new to Mayhem modes so I don’t think I was properly prepared for it.

Really? I’ll try again. I’m still kind of curious why certain guns that were supposed to be buffed aren’t performing like I see in the videos.

Its a moze issue for sure i have god roll weapons that dont do anything on moze but put the same guns on fl4k and bam boss dead in seconds even dlc4 bosses dont stand a chance moze her whole gimmick is splash damage try to get yourself a flipper its her best weapon i have tried all weapons on her and the flipper performs best on moze plus its a easy weapon to farm and a cloning maddening tracker is a must for moze i just dont like her gimmick hell even monarchs dont work well with her.

moze is in prime pozition to use gargoyle with consec hits unless you are using it against health enemie(and not have fire in the skag den), of course there are many factors like your grenade that will generate some of the hits but with deep enough botomless mags and consec hits fitsd gargoyle should destroy m10 unless it is not a m10 drop maybe you have not upgraded your inventory yet. if you are trying to kill m10 stuff with m0 guns :d that could be your problem XD

Theres many that work with her - really comes down to how you build for them; im running around with a facepuncher + WE / MS; and pretty well decimating mostly all content