Weapon Scaling Issues

Gearbox promised us this past Summer when they showcased Borderlands 3 that Loot would Scale to our Level. I’m on my first playthrough and Loot is not scaling to my level as promised. Anyone else having issues like this?

They never promised this. New Loot in new areas will scale to your level but not loot you already have.
The level of enemies will only scale up after you have finished the story. However, if it is your first visit to an area they will be your current level. I have seen some people start Athenas as low as 17 but if you do all the side-quests it could be much higher by athenas (25 or so).

Scaling is totally messed up, the OP is correct, I’ve seen levels in first playthrough where the enemies went lower than the previous map.

Not only in Normal mode but TVHM too, loot being dropped and in chests that was 49 while mission and both players were 50.