Weapon setup preferences OP4 and Up

I’m fairly new to playing as Maya and it’s been quite the adjustment for me having played Gaige for so long. But right now I’m struggling with the right weapons to outfit her with for reaching OP8. I know there’s guides for this, but I wanted to see what other players use to give me a better idea.

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Both of my sirens ran through that with an allegiance (Hyperion and Tediore). Tediore got to maybe OP5 and Hyperion got to maybe OP4 before they had to break allegiance and lean on heavier gear. All my characters were sharing a pool of gear that consisted of a corrosive Pimpernel, Bee shield, fire Sandhawk, Unkempt Harold, Grog Nozzle… that sort of thing. I’d love to say I ran through it with nothing but a Landscaper and a Patriot, but those higher levels are nuts.

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What’s your spec, that often determines weapon choice to a some degree, though maybe less with Maya?

Use BL2skills.com to post it, if you want to.

Standard stuff with Maya includes the standard great weapons in the game like the DPUH, Sandhawk, Grog, and Pimp. She benefits from weapons with bullet split and multiple pellets with CR, so stuff like the Butcher, CC, and Interfacer are great with her. She does well with top tier SMG’s even without a CAT mod. Derch’s Twisted Pimp video on youtube is probably the strongest all around build for her even if you don’t use every weapon he recommends. For shields, you’d want a Bee, an Antagonist, and maybe a Sham and Blockade. Bee and the Antag, refarmed at OP Six, got me through digistruct. For relics, you’d like a corrosive BOTA, but a proficiency relic would probably be fine too. For COMs, Leg Siren, Leg Binder, or Leg Cat can all work depending on your setup and gear. Trickster builds can work as well of course, but it’s trickier to pull off. edit: Grenades include Quasars for grouping, magic missiles for slagging and ammo regen, chain lightning for healing with the grog and ammo regen. The Quasar is very useful to pull the assassins off of you.


My OP run build excluded Scorn. It just didn’t work for me on the Peak - so I went deeper into Motion to get Quicken and used Magic Missiles for slag. To me, having PL available asap was simply the safest way to get through until I got used to the Peak run and could go with different builds ( with Scorn or Thoughtlock ).

For gear, same as above. But the CC is my favourite Surveyor killer. I switch between the 3 Leg COMs but L Siren is always the most consistent. L Binder for enemies like Scorch to extend PL and Wreck. L Cat for D’s Mom, Saturn, OMGWTH.

Also - Jefe’s broken record always includes Peak element matching : corrosive on almost everything except spiderants, then shock or non-e is better. Oney is explosive resistant and Wot is shock resistant.

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Dukino’s Mom and Saturns will demand a Bee to save your sanity. As for guns to beat those two, SandHawk, corrosive Pimpernel, or any Lady Fist (D’s Mom-- Saturns have no crit spot). The good news is that a level 72 Lady Fist with an on level Bee will still tear up D’s Mom for awhile. You may want to refresh the guns for the OP7 run.

Easy to replace, very effective gear:

Hornet (this thing wrecks in the Peak)
Hammer Buster
Maggie (note the Dust theme…)
Grog scales to your level
Low fuse shock Singularity (for utility, no need to upgrade)
Low fuse Storm Front (this + Grog heal you through D’s Mom-- rarely need to upgrade)
Harold, if you want one-- overrated for Maya, IMO.

That’s it. Pretty simple. I’ve done full runs with that stuff many times.


This is my current build:


My friend gave me this build because I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around Maya and her skills. This build has been great so far, but it seems to be off a bit now that the levels are rising. It’s missing something, but I can’t figure out what. I’m used to playing Gaige and the build I use for her just fell into place for me. But now I’m frustrated because I can’t seem to understand this character as well.

I use a Legendary Siren class mods because it seems most well rounded. Will use a Legendary Binder on occasion. I also specialize differently for co-op play to include Res and another skill or two.

My play style is a bit chaotic. I use mainly SMGs and pistols, with an occasional AR, and a RL (or DPUH) for FFYL . I’m the type who likes to stir up the bee hive and then dive into the center of it, furthering the chaos. I’m squirrely in combat–meaning I’m constantly moving, jumping, and turning circles. I build momentum with every kill until I feel like I’m mowing people down like grass.

Inertia is your friend. Max it out. Phoenix is a terrible skill. Put those points in immolate its great. I’d personally only put one point in flicker for the L. Siren, i’ll barely notice anything. If your not using the L siren mod its not worth a point. I also like to put one point in fleet, but thats optional.


Cataclysm definitely needs some pruning. Flicker is practically pointless but Immolate is a very good FFYL help. Blight Phoenix, while very cool, is really only practical in conjunction with Life Tap - so only 1 or 2 points needed. Helios does very little damage at that level but it’s still worth putting a few points in.

Motion could use more : unless you’re using specific weapons that Accelerate messes up (those with spitting bullets), at least take one point to be buffed by your LS COM. It is a great skill. Inertia is also worth it. (Edit : forgot Kinetic Reflection. It’s always worth taking at least one point for damage reduction and increased Cloud Kill triggering)

Something like this:

Although points could be taken from healing skills and go into Mind’s Eye.


I tried out you build suggestion for a while and it seemed to work better. Things seemed to be flowing more effortlessly, but it still felt…off? So I toyed and experimented a bit with what you gave me and found this build to match me and my playstyle best:



I couldn’t go without one of TL, Sub-Sequence, or Scorn anymore. Those are such tremendous assets, I insist on building one of them into my builds for Peak runs. I specify ‘one of’, because I don’t run TL and SS together in the Peak. One of the three, though… always.

Now that I’m home I can type more.

This is the build I’m currently running. I occasionally run co-op so I have res but you can move it for solo.
http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#505011535005054101000545510501I run through the peak with a bee without any problems. Mostly using pimp and hawk. I also use a L. Binder.

This is what I used for some raid bosses with a 6 Chain Reaction/ 5 Life tap mod. Forgot the name. Twisted something.

EDIT: Crap, why aren’t the builds links?
2nd EDIT: Made 'em hyper links.
3rd EDIT: Damn I’m tired they finally work now.

I just couldn’t get myself to like using Scorn. I haven’t messed with Thought Lock yet. Sub Sequence was helpful, but I got annoyed at the useless bouncing around it tended to do. I’m still probably gonna experiment around a bit. My biggest issue right now is finding weapons I like using with her. I mostly use SMGs, pistols, sometimes AR’s, and occasionally a shotgun.

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I agree that while learning the character those skills are a distraction. Once learned they are an enhancement for sure. Keep it simple : PL, kill, PL, kill, etc.

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I literally just beat OP7 to get to OP8 today, took forever to find what I thought was the best way to do it. I personally don’t like Scorn that much either. Don’t use much of it though I took it just for the Saturn fight if nothing else. I used Sub Sequence to great effect in OP 6 but actually dropped it for OP7/OP8 because of the pointless bouncing, I’d rather it just be on CD and get me the next one.

The set up I used and found the most success with was:
Hornet, Infinity (I used a vengeful with 9.4 base fire rate but corrosive would’ve been nice), Slagga, Corrosive Fibber
Bee Shield, Leg. Siren COM, Sheriff’s Badge, any singularity grenade

Hornet is great for surveryors, Slagga for ffyl, Fibber for Dukino’s mom Saturn and WTH, also keep a Unkempt Harold in my pack for the double Black Queens and assassins that I need to down fast. I know Infinity is considered pretty janky by most but I find that with a Bee and the crazy fire rate from the gun itself, badge, and wreck, I blast my way through most things. If I can hop around uninterrupted (usually not a problem), anything that can be phaselocked can be taken down in one lock with an Infinity. It’s pretty good for just backpedaling and spray and praying too. I actually find that the shielded mauraders probably give me the most fits because the Infinity is garbage against them so I have to switch off to Slagga and Hornet (not an ideal combo against them)

Just if you were looking for a slightly different take on things, haven’t heard anyone using the Infinity at all.

EDIT: I said I had a Rapid Infinity but it was vengeful that got me that speed