Weapon Skin not showing up after unlocked

I found an epic weapon skin out in the wild, think it was called ectoplasm, but when I go into my weapon skins it doesnt show up at all. It says 5/5 so I’m wondering if you only can hold 5 and can change it out somewhere or is it just lost due to a bug?? Any help appreciated


The exact same thing just happened to me. I looted the ectoplasm skin. I used it, and Moze made a comment about the skin being unlocked, but I don’t see it listed anywhere to apply it.

Same thing happened to me but with the “Sure, why not?” Skin for MOZE. Unlocked it but it’s not showing up in my Quick Change.


Ive had this happen with the bird cage head and the bull dozer head for fl4k today. Really annoying as I cant remember where I got the drop from :frowning:

I had the same issue, I found the ectoplasm skin, unlocked it, but it doesn’t show up… the same thing happened with a head for Amara. I wonder if they can be dropped again :disappointed:

I get the feeling the skin is for the Bloody Harvest event, and it dropped early. I found the skin for Zane, and can’t use it. It would make sense, though, if the game code was timed to have it available at a certain time.

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I am having the same issue I’ve lost two skins for moze that I have unlocked :frowning:

Same issue, a weapon skin and a head did not show up after activating the dropped item today, really sucks

With heads and character skins, sometimes it drops for other characters rather than the character you are on.

I had the ravenous skin drop while playing flAK and thought it was a glitch in I’ll i logged on with Moze and there it was.

Same with birdcage head dropped on fl4k but showed up when I started a new game with amara

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nah that’s not right though. I had the ravenous skin drop for Fl4k and I’m wearing it right now.

I also had the “Ectoplasm” skin drop and I went into my menu and unlocked it but doesn’t show anywhere. would make sense what Jado said above though👆🏾

Same problem.
Any solutions?

The official 2k “fix”

This just happened to me as well on Amara. It dropped from Slyestro while trying to help a friend farm out a spiritual driver.

I looted the skin skin, unlocked the skin, and it’s not showing as an option to use. It’s a shame because I LOVE this skin and was looking forward to using it.

EDIT: I just received the skin a second time from Slyestro, went through the same typical steps to redeem, ported to Sanctuary but this time the skin IS showing as available for use. Knowing that, I would say just keep at it and hope you get it a second time so you can redeem it. It’s frustrating but knowing it’s still obtainable is better than it being gone forever.

Just farmed the spatter skin from dr.benedicked from dlc4 but it didnt show up ine the new-u, I figured that I just got it for a diffrent vault hunter so decided to farm for another, after 1 hour I got it for each vault hunter, but after all of that I couldn’t use it because every single one of them said I already owned it someone plz help :frowning: