Weapon Skins: Where are they?

So if i’m not mistaken the last time we got a new weapon skin was the Bloody Harvest event. What gives? I hope they’re not abandoning that part of the cosmetics. Like I really would like more weapon skins. It seems crazy that we haven’t had any new weapon skins since October of last year. I would love to give my guns a little bit more character. Here’s an example. The Scoville pistol from The Handsome Jackpot dlc is pretty cool. I would love to throw that flame skin on all my incendiary weapons. Just a thought but it would be a shame if we never get new ones.

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I thought we got one or two with the DLC…

I checked. We did get the moxxie skin but i feel like we’re lacking in the skins department. With that being said the skin came from a paid dlc.

I’m talking about weapon skins not vaulthunter skins.


The first DLC could’ve given a gold weapon skin or gold/(secondary color) as combination to reflect it but that just my wishful thinking. Would be nice to have a little nice flavor to guns I use. Extra bonus if I use colors that reflect the weapon elemental type

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What weapon skins from the first dlc gold skin and the moxxie skin came before that I have the code for the gold skin with the base game and got the moxxie skin for the cov radio thing

There’s already a gold weapon skin.

I think that weapon skins are much more complicated to do than Echo skins or trinkets. Maybe they need to check each and every gun variant to see if it looks good. Maybe that’s why they didn’t release the Scoville skin for every gun.
Still, I also find weird that they didn’t release a weapon skin in 4 months.
(maybe they’re saving them to implement them as Micro Transactions?)

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Yeah, each gun skin applies to “one billion” guns, each VH skin applies to one VH and each echo skin applies to one echo. So, gun skins are the hardest to add, but it’d still be great to see a couple of new ones, at some point in the future. =]