Weapon slot lockout

Does anyone know if you can unequippe a weapon slot and then lock it, so that it remains empty? This would make weapon combos easier to switch - one or two less toggles between preferred load- out weapons.

Not possible.

As long as you dont put anything in that slot you are good. When you cycle weapons it wont cycle the empty slot. Only thing that can happen is mission guns might go there automatically, like when you get the rogue sight mission gun.

Yes, that does happen with mission weapons. Anyway, I think that it’s a good suggestion for the future. Thanks, everyone.

I mean future suggestion for BL3 “fixes”

If you pick up a gun/item it also goes in empty slot.

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Is this a console-issue?

PC supports mousewheel at which point the suggestion would make sense. But you dont have to use that and can simply use any of the numeric keys to directly tap to the desired weapon

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Xbox One issue, so “yes” definitely a console thing.

If you want using only two weapons you can always add them to d-pad left/right or any other configuration.

How do I do that?

In the Options menu.

It’s in controller layout, Classic. It takes some getting used to though.

You can use default layout, just scroll down and assign desired weapon to button you want.

Thanks, everyone! Always a learning curve, right?

Thinks about a way to bring in the “PC MASTER RACE” warcry but fails and retreats


I did not know that. I use classic and always have my slots full.

Yah classic controller setup ftw. I’ll sometimes farm on my character and my girlfriends character (separate Xbox) in between load screens. Her controller setup is the new setup and it’s so annoying I had to change it to classic. She got on and was like “heeeey what did you do to my controller.” :joy::joy:

I also play on xbox but I reverted back to the classic controls. By doing so you can precisely trigger each weapon slot by using the cross button. It is much faster than cycling the weapons.

QUESTION: Some of the weapons have multiple functions and/or optic changes via the D pad. How do those work with Classic?

On PS4 by hold triangle.