Weapon slots in pt2

I recently created a new character in true vault hunter mode bet since I’ve already completed the missions, I can’t get the other 2 weapon slots. Help!!!


If you created a new character ( lvl 1 I assume) then it should be defaulted to normal mode which is where you get the two weapon slot upgrades ( one after you get to Sanctuary & the other after free Roland in A Dam Fine Rescue)

If somehow you managed to start in TVHM, then you are going to have to choose to play through NVHM mode to get the slots…at least up until the points you mentioned.

Not sure how you managed this but that is the only legitimate solution I’m aware of.

I’ve already done normal mode and tvhm but I levelled out my assasin and fancied playing as the siren but I don’t know how to get the weapon slots since I already did those missions in normal and tvhm

I’m still lost.

Unless…you only have one character and this is your second ( my apologies if this is the case, because it’s been so long since I first started playing I completely overlooked this scenario)

FYI…each character you create has to unlock each mode. They won’t start in TVHM. They will always start in Normal Vault Hunter and you have to unlock the weapon slots for each individual character that you create…and then you will have to beat the game in NVHM to unlock True Vault Hunter Mode…and so on and so on.

Make sense? Each character starts completely fresh. The only thing that carries over is your BadAss Ranking and any items that you leave for your new character in Claptrap’s Secret Stash.

Thanks !!! It all makes sense now, I thought it all carried over didnt know you had to start again. . Thanks for clearing it up!!!

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Good…lol. Sorry if my brain overthunk it for a few minutes.

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